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09 July 2020 - 272 Capp Rack Planning notes[edit]

NB Rack Philosophy - as simple as possible.

Next Rack Guild meeting to occur 23 July 2020 22:00 PDT

Stuff to do[edit]

  1. Take inventory of what's usable at 2169
    1. APs are very old
    2. Spare EdgeRouter
    3. Pegasus
    4. UPS
  2. Plan laser migration with MonkeyBrains
    1. Where will the new network drop go? This will inform the rack location
  3. Scout 272 Capp for where the phone lines run in. This is likely where Sonic fiber would come in as well.
  4. Install rack and 2nd switch
  5. Run cable for wifi APs, in-wall APs, etc.
  6. Procure needed hardware beyond what can be reused from 2169 (APs, rack cabinate, etc.)
  7. Recruit volunteers to help with the above
  8. Perform laster migration with MonkeyBrains (2169 offline/272 online date)

25 August 2020 - 272 Capp Rack Planning notes[edit]

Stuff to do[edit]

  1. Meet MB to move laser on Sunday 8/30 at 12:00
  2. Permission from LL to drop cable through roof
BOM for build out[edit]
  1. 12U rack - depth must match switch 11.2" - swing out preferred - Tripp Lite 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet, 16.5" Deep, Switch-Depth (SRW12U)
  2. Gen2 Cloud Key
  3. 2x1000ft boxes CAT6a
  4. Punchdown tool
  5. Keystone Patch Panel - 24-Port CAT6A Unshielded 1U Patch Panel 19-Inch Loaded w/Tool-less Keystone Jacks Rackmount or Wallmount
  6. Ubiquiti 42 port switch fanless
  7. 3 in-wall APs