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What Is It[edit]

There are an awful lot of NoiseBridgers who don't have jobs. If you are one of thoe folks, we're almost mandating that you come to the first ever NoiseBridge Resume Workshop. We know that there are some of you who have sent out 10,000 emails on Craigslist, and have heard nothing, and are getting depressed. Thus, you should be a Do-er and come in for a quick optimization of your resume.

So, bring in your resume. Don't be shy. Digital or on paper, we will all work together to optimize and scrutinize each other's resumes.

Working folks are welcome to come by as well. Anyone with experience in hiring is welcome to come and help, also.

In addition, Michael Pope, a technical recruiter, will be on site to help you out. Learn how to sugar coat your experience with the sweetest version of reality.

When is it[edit]

@ NoiseBridge 3:00 PM Friday afternoon, July 24, 2009. Most likely, we will be downstairs.

Workshop may be moved around to accommodate any other NoiseBridge stuffs that have precedent...