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Study, explore, and repurpose old school computing machinery with an emphasis on platforms which allow us to run Free Software + Unix-derivative systems. What the corporate IT market renders 'obsolete', we embrace for the fun and challenge of reusing various platforms for new purposes.

List of Machines[edit]

  • Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 1, 32kB RAM, 2 joysticks, disk drive interface -- potential for RapidOS
  • IBM PS/2 i8086 @8MHz, 640kB RAM, 10MB hard disk, B/W CGA monitor -- running ELKS
  • Osbourne (model unknown)
  • Homebrew 68k
  • Powermac G5-dual
  • Webpal, Cirrus Logic CLPS7500FE ARM @40Mhz, 4MB RAM, 1MB Flash, VGA video port, ISA slots for modem/ethernet card -- potential for NetBSD or Linux
  • Powerbook 145B, m68030 @ 25 MHz, 4MB of RAM, 10MB hard disk, B/W passive matrix screen -- running OS 7.1

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