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Noisebridge at RoboGames[edit | edit source]

Simone Davalos came by our booth at Maker Faire and was very excited to offer us a booth at RoboGames:

"RG is held at Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion, June 12-14th (next Friday Saturday and Sunday), from noon-6ish pm. Friday is our competitors' party, where we drink lots of beer and set things on fire. There will also be nibbles. Noisebridge is invited to attend, amorphous though that potential guest list will be."

The actual booth manning will be just Saturday and Sunday. I expect that we could bring the same hodge-podge of fun things as we did at Maker Faire, and this time we'll be all practiced at presenting them!

We will need some volunteers to man the booth and for set up / tear down. Simone has requested that we not have more than 4 people manning the booth at a time, however. Also, RoboGames is much smaller in size and budget than Maker Faire, so I don't know how many free passes they can reasonably give out. If that becomes an issue we'll figure it out then.

Projects to bring[edit | edit source]

Add to or edit these lists:

  • LED sign.
  • Pay-free Pay Phone
  • Cyborg eyes-in-the-back-of-your-back vest
  • Cyborg north-facing anklet
  • Steen's pretty visual effects mixing stuff (or see below)
  • Electrolytic capacitor magic smoke explosion rig
  • Gauss cannon

Signs to have:

  • Photo board
  • Noisebridge vision - maybe a condensed version? Nobody read the whole thing up at maker faire.
  • Class / workshop schedule
  • Mooninite
  • Bill S. Preston, Esquire
  • NB Banner
  • NB laser cut thingees

More things to take:

  1. silly robot man
  2. two extra chairs
  3. cooler w/ water & stuff
  4. if steen not coming, (nice) mac w/ camera and steen's software

Volunteers[edit | edit source]

If you want to volunteer to man the booth add your name here, then sign up for a two-hour shift on this Doodle poll.

  • Skory
  • VonGaurd
  • Alexhandy

Transportation[edit | edit source]

  • Skory can borrow his dad's truck but is gimpy so needs help loading / unloading.

Friday set-up + party[edit | edit source]

Add your name if you want to help set up on Friday and to attend the party:

  • Skory
  • Alex

Very-brief Organizational Meeting[edit | edit source]

After next Tuesday's (2009-06-09) meeting. Attendence in person or by proxy will be mandatory in order to secure your shifts and pass for the event!