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The Dremel router table is a handy accessory that allows precise routing using a Dremel tool.

The way you attach the Dremel to the router table is not obvious, since the instructions that shipped with it do not match the actual device, instead there is a separate addendum that explains it.

In a nutshell, the real instructions are:

  • Loosen the locking knob for the height adjustment
  • Lower the tool holder (away from the table) by turning the silver knob
  • Remove the collet from the Dremel
  • Remove the collar from the Dremel (below the bit), it will expose a thread
  • Put the Dremel into the tool bracket on the router table, and use the large flat hex wrench to tighten it into place (You can't just screw the Dremel into the tool bracket, it will rotate freely. You need to use the hex wrench to hold it in place.)
  • On/off switch should be visible towards the front
  • Bring the Dremel back up to operating height

Use C-Clamps to attach the routing table to a bench.

Adjustment of the routing table is not challenging and is left as an exercise for the reader.