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Some of us who work in SOMA have been getting together for weekday lunches. There's a mailing list where we coordinate when and where we're meeting.


We usually meet on Thursdays at 1pm, but is subject to occasional change. Subscribe to the mailing list for uptodate information each week.


We typically meet at one of the following locations, listed in order of frequency:

Westfield Food Court[edit]

The food court in the basement of the Westfield Mall, located above the Powell St. BART Station. There's a wide selection of food places, and plenty of seating.

Public Seating Area at 2nd and Mission[edit]

There's an indoor public seating area at the South East corner of 2nd and Mission. It's attached to the building where the Peet's on Mission St is in. There are no food places here, only seating, so you'll need to bring something with you or get takeout from one of the numerous places 1-2 blocks away:

  • Maya, a Mexican place in the south side of the courtyard at 2nd and Folsom. There are some other options in that courtyard area, too.
  • Mefil, on the North West corner of 2nd and Folsom, which has incredibly fast takeout.
  • The Toaster Oven, a half block away towards Howard, and Sammy's Deli, a half block past Mission towards Market, just under Instructables. Both do adequate if not stellar sandwiches.
  • Lee's, on Market just around the corner off 2nd (and a bunch of stuff on New Montgomery in those 2 blocks)
  • Andy adds: There's fantastic falafel at Sunrise Deli on 2nd at Stevenson. Soup and sandwich is good at Harvest and Rowe, across the street. The specialty sandwiches at Sentinel (Stevenson at New Montgomery) are amazing. Froufrou salads are the rule of the day at Mixt Greens across Mission from the aforementioned courtyard. The garlic noodles at Parilla are delicious (get them with pork or chicken or tofu), down closer to 1st on Mission. Henry's Hunan makes amazing chinese food (order from the specials menu, *not* your chinese standards. The house tofu is fantastic, their "orange chicken" and similar standards are not great.) Toaster Oven has decent hoagies. Taco del Mar is an OK taqueria (there are better burritos at Rico Mex at 53 Stevenson though). Good bahn mi are available at the "Muffins" deli on 2nd, next to Tara thai.

Rincon Center[edit]

The food court at 121 Spear St (between Howard St & Mission St).