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Saturday 6/8/2011

Well today I slept well close to C-base village (one inhabitant, devoured to star gazing (after some THC tasting)). I got up around 9:00 and did my exercises and started to unpack the things from the FHB shopping. I helped in the meanwhile to move Heaven to the new location, visited Alex, did some mushroom picking (koazaci) and finished check out of the equipment. After that Nick came so I did check all the emails, send some emails concerning the FHB project and wikies, checked the wine trajectory from Morava to Praha to Berlin, did some contacting. The cherry on the cake was "cast iron shopping in" at 40000 msc connection response (however generally between 700-4000 msc), getting actully a gear for one hackers on the plains who is bringing half of his "grandmother's wedding gear". We run with Nick for a shopping which resulted in 2x 25l brewing vessels (with spigot and top openers) and Nick left for more shopping to Berlin. I went to clean a bit the FHB tent, had dinner with angels, relaxing period with Alex and her friend and visited Igor and his friends at C-base. The end of the evening was dedicated to this diary which I'm going to do on every day basis. I've actually also got my mobile working and connected.

So as you can see it was actually quite busy day but the rithm was rather slower because of the surrounding.

From Finowfurt,

Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck