Science, Engineering & Design Huddle

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A bridge between concepts and practice[edit]

Knowing Why is often as important as How and most people often get lost in a detail forest of How's.

Having and maintaining an overview is as important as the details.

Another problem is that few can actually define what the problem is. Knowing the details of the problem makes the solution simpler.

Most seem to have good ideas and know how to use tools, but get lost when the time of building stuff comes around. This is when having good engineering skills really helps to account for local material differences when it comes to the existing plans.

Also, there is the Top down, the Bottom up and the Middle Muddle approach of design.

Most prefer having actual plans or recipes for building basic stuff.

Bring your ideas to fruition at the Science, Engineering & Design Huddle.

We meet on Thursdays at 7pm at 2169 Mission St., San Francisco