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Security Working Group works on access control.

RECRUITING! Maintainer volunteers wanted, consider volunteering to become a maintainer. (Edit)

We're working on Olympus, the currently deployed door access system for the front door, with hopes to roll it out for separate rooms in the space, with access control delegated to other guilds.

This group was formed in 2014 and made multiple other wiki pages over the years and 272 access is presently in a rebuilt form set up by Woz. We should collect current data and plans here.

Current Project

We're working on a new door access system, Olympus, currently deployed for the front door, with plans to roll it out for separate rooms in the space, managed by guild.

Project Strands

  • Daniel focuses on simplicity of this system. He took the initial lead in building this, writing code and assembling hardware.
  • Loren focuses on ensuring reliability & uptime of the system, and helping others to get involved, lend their own skills. He also wants to tie the system in with more general membership portals and bootstrap management enough to pass it off to others.
  • Brennan wants to build out the system to support Apple- & Google- -Wallet managed credentials.


See SecWG/Maintainers for previous contributors.

Outstanding Goals

  • Get Apple developer group account (free as nonprofit) for signing keys needed for deployment, or even TestFlight'ing. -> Loren or Noisebridge:Treasurer/Noisebridge:Secretary action.
  • Make repeatable units for other room.
  • (Subtle, many implicit requirements, many possibilities, much effort) Design/write/prove simple syncing systems to support access control, offline concerns, privacy, non-impersonation.



Past working group notes can be found at SecWG/History.

About Working Groups

Category for Working Groups. Working Groups can serve like guilds, but are focused on work "for the space" rather than directly "for members (of the guild)".

In this usage, guilds harken back to mastery of a craft or trade in a certain area, wp:guild, while our working groups have goals they aim to achieve within the context of (at least) the makerspace's resources, wp:working group.

Working Groups should have

  • A wiki page to coordinate
    • With a place in the template hierarchy
    • With Slack and Discord channels
    • With Maintainers listed, ideally on a subpage, to support separate mw:Transclusion onto other pages.
    • A clear mission. And if applicable, goals to accomplish before disbanding.
    • A sponsoring Guild

Copy the source of this section into new WG pages, and gradually replace parts with appropriate information.

Or briefly, temporarily, transclude via {{:Category:WG}}

Previous related thinking documented as FractalWorkingGroup pattern proposal.