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Thursday, May 1st, 7pm at Noisebridge. @crw took a chat log on Slack (see SecWG_Meeting_Notes_2014_05_01). Remote attendance was provided via Mumble.


  • Narrowing scope of SecWG down to access control
  • possibly spinning up Docents again.
  • Setting up a kiosk at the front (User:Sid had started this)

Impromptu virtual meeting on Thursday, May 8th, via mailing list, IRC, and Slack/#security-wg resulted in some nice AccessControlModeling and several mailing list threads.


  • Let's install an RFID reader at the top of the stairs. Debate continues over whether to leave front gate setup alone, or to remove the keypad for entry.
  • Members and Associate Members would be entitled to an RFID entry badge. Debate over whether to allow all types of RFID cards so that ppl won't need a separate physical item (they can use their Clipper card).
  • the RFID reader we have now -- does it work? We're not sure.
  • keeping Docents running is at least "Very Hard" and may be "Impossible". Let's work on technological solutions to social problems first.
  • Access control to the space != solving problems related to protecting property (theft, vandalism, etc) within the space. Totally separate conversation that will be had in the future.

Agenda for Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 20, 6PM at Noisebridge.

Meeting will be Mumble-accessible starting at $MEETING_TIME

  • Getting an RFID reader installed on the NB door lock (i.e. not the gate, the door at the top of the stairs).
  • What to do about the elevator, which is currently a "backdoor" to our physical security. Suggestions include building new walls around that area (labor-intensive but doable) and hacking the elevator itself (has social capital issues b/c we'd have to convince the landlord).
  • Should we install more lockers?
  • (or) should we put up far more solid structure around the Member Shelves and then install an RFID (or other) lock there?
  • any new discussion topics pertaining to threat modeling based on known Problems that NB regularly has.



  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Etc...