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Noisebridge has some super shady board of directors like things that need done from time to time. Yeah, there is a board of directors, and they're the ones who, usually in protest, are legally responsible for the space and corporation of Noisebridge. This is different.

In the day-to-day business of Noisebridge, a few things need done with regularity:

Check the mail on Market St
We have a secured mailbox at 2261 Market St. You'll need a key to it. Ask around, someone might have one. A lot of "official" mail goes here like donation checks, packages, swag, etc
Check the mail on Mission St
There is a small rusty mailbox on our gate at 2169 Mission St. It should be checked pretty often since mail is stolen from it very often.
Deposit money into our Wells Fargo bank account
You shouldn't need our bank account numbers. Just show up in person and say "I'd like to donate this to the checking account for Noisebridge which is located at 2169 Mission St." They'll look it up and deposit whatever you give them.
Answer emails to
Bills and stuff sometimes get mailed here and sometimes people invoice us for things like tax preparation or whatnot.
Answer emails to
A lot of times newbies mail and ask about tour groups, if noisebridge is right for X, or something. If you can't give a good answer, try asking them to email noisebridge-discuss. Remember, for many people, this is their first interaction with a Hackerspace of any size. So don't butter it up.
Pay bills as required
They'll come in all kinds of directions and usually need a check or something. Noisebridge monies are very important to us and should be spent wisely.
Interface with the Landlord
Sometimes they need access to something, or we need to tell them something about the building. Also see Elevator Troubleshooting.
Interface with the City
The Man has prescribed for us a bunch of hoops to jump through. Its in everyone's best interest to play along with our neighbors.
Interface with other externalities
Insurance, licensed contractors, legal aid, big events being had.

They're real-world contributions that go a long long way to sustainability.

This document is part of the Noisebridge Manual
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