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SecureDrop is a secure whistleblower communication tool for contacting journalists with minimal risk of interception. It was created by Aaron Swartz and it has become the leading method for news outlets to receive sensitive information.

Android[edit | edit source]

Hackathon (Aaron Swartz Day)[edit | edit source]

Developing in Arch[edit | edit source]

trying to get this to work, hack in progress

git clone

pacman -S vagrant python-virtualenvwrapper python-pip

Complete the required steps for Python2 compatibility:

mkvirtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2 securedrop

workon securedrop to restart a env

install pip dependencies from inside virtualenv:

pip install -r securedrop/requirements/develop-requirements.txt
pip install -r testinfra/requirements.txt

NOTE: May also need to run pip install -r securedrop/requirements/securedrop-requirements.txt (This could be multi-platform issues?)

copy config example cp

pip install ansible

cd into git directory and run vagrant up

run vagrant provision to re-initialization vagrant if there's a failure or issue

use ssh to interact in the vagrant provisioned virtual box environment vagrant ssh

cd into /vagrant inside vagrant dev environment, which maps to the cloned git repository in host environment

cd into securedrop folder, run ./ run