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You are looking at the security camera in front of Noisebridge.

EXITS: Patio

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Security Camera watches the entrance to the space to allow people inside to buzz them in.

Now with new and improved signal!

Current Configuration[edit | edit source]

The composite video signal is carried by about 80 feet of 75 ohm coax carrying a composite video signal from down stairs. The camera and video amplifier are powered by a 20vdc laptop supply located under the breaker panel in the library area. It is carried by 16 gauge stranded lamp cord and converted to 12v by a linear voltage regulator at the bottom of the stairs to counteract the voltage drop. The regulator, along with the video amplifier, is mounted in a small wooden speaker looking box on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. The regulator is pretty much running at capacity, so if you need to power something else down there, you should probably replace it with a buck converter and maybe increase the supply voltage. The amplifier also provides a signal to Oh Happy Days.

The picture is tilted due to limitations of the mounting hardware.