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hi there Seeed Studio Hackers - welcome to the Noisebridge wiki.

From the NB-Discuss mailing list event announcement

Hey Noisebridge!

I'm Violet from Seeed Studio. We are going to be in San Francisco next week.
We'd like to seize the chance to communicate with the community directly.
Hence, we’d love to host a mini Seeed Studio Meetup, to hear your
complaints and all sorts of ideas and suggestions.  We’ll also show some of
our latest gadgets.


>>When??: July 22 (Monday), 2013. Since we are not members of NB and not
familiar with the space & schedule of NB. Do you guys have some suggestions
for the exact time?

>>Where??: We'd like to have a casual meetup for approximately 20-30 people,
which area within NB do you suggest?

>>Who??: You, welcome!

>>Cost??: Free. We'll provide free food and some T-shirts for you as well.

>>With whom??:    *Eric Pan, CEO of Seeed Studio 

                                       *Kevin Lau, Interaction Designer &
Senior Marketing Manager from Seeed Studio




Sincerely yours,

Violet Su

Seeed Studio