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Sewing machines require training to use without breaking them. If you want to use the Noisebridge sewing machines, sign up for one of the Sewing event nights and ask one of the organizers if they can schedule training with you or when the next training event is happening.

Due to frequent breakage of the sewing machines, we're asking all users of Noisebridge's sewing machines—including the domestics—to take a training session to learn how to use our machines properly.

The introductory training session is every 2nd Friday for all the sewing machines, and occasional Wednesday evening Sewing: Introduction to the Industrial Sewing Machines. Please sign up before coming for the event so we can limit classes to a manageable size and give everyone a chance to practice on the machines. There is often a waitlist, so if you are unable to make the session please cancel so that someone else can take your place.

Weekly Sewing Meetups[edit | edit source]

There is a weekly training and meetup Fridays from 6-7pm Pacific time. In addition to the 2nd Friday Introduction/Training session, we have special project nights like Tote-making, Fix-it Nights, Bring Your Own Project, Knitting Machines, and many more. Feel free to [Sewing: Introduction to the Industrial Sewing Machines suggest] a project or technique.

See the Sewing page for more information.