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Joris Peels is the Community Manager for Shapeways, an online community and service that wants to let anyone make anything. Joris will be giving a 3D printing show and tell. He will bring various 3D printed parts and using them discuss the major 3D printing techniques & materials. Hopefully participants will get a better understanding of the different techniques and their limitations and advantages.

"I'd like to speak a bit about the various 3D printing technologies (SLS, FDM, metal, DMLS, Objet, MakerBot etc.), compare and contrast them, tell people what the limitations and advantages are of the different materials. If people are interested I could also go into how to "design for 3D printing." I'd like to show people some of the 3D printing materials we have. It won't be salesy and will be useful even if people never ever use us. What I'd be interested to learn from the guys there is: when do you want a hackerspace, when a desktop 3D printer and when a service like Shapeways. What do they see as the advantages of each? Could they all be used concurently?"