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This is project page for installing shop doors on the woodshop.


  • I'm Alex Peake User:lxpk and I know nothing about carpentry but I know Noisebridge needs noise relief to be able to talk and work while excellent craftsmanship is happening in the workshop. I need volunteers to help me install doors on the wood shop which I have never used myself so I am sadly unqualified in how to do this. Please email me at if you have interest in helping or donating doors for the cause. Thanks!
  • Volunteer by putting your name and contact down here or just install the doors sneaky like a ninja


  • The main door: 7ft 8in x 7 ft tall ( 92 inches )
  • The entrance side door: 3ft 3in x 7 ft tall ( 39 inches )

Door to use[edit]

  • Are there any doors available or should we make one?

(Martin B) : For the entrance door, you can buy a pre-hung door from Home Depot, 36" wide x 80" tall. It comes with a frame, all you have to do is frame it into place, then put trim on both sides. Costs $50 and is available in both left and right handed hinges.

(Martin B) : For the main door, you can buy a pre-hung double door, again from Home Depot. Those are generally more expensive, but worth it for sound reduction. The JELD-WEN 72" x 80" door, pre-hung and primed, costs $319.