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Project Name[edit]



Jarrod Hicks


I propose to switch the location of the Church classroom and the Dirty Shop.

What Will Be Done[edit]

See Drawings.

File:Noisebridge - Sheet - A501 - Shop Swap.pdf

Enclose (E) Church classroom, move sliding door from (E) shop to (N) enclosing wall. Remove rear door in turing and fill in wall. Move Shop equipment and case work to shop. Install electrical and ventilation equipment (TBD). Fill in slider opening to (N) Church. Install door from Turing in (N) Church. Finish and Paint walls in (N) Church. Move classroom equipment to (N) Church.

The church room is 27' long 16' wide and 12' tall. Wall perimeter = 86 Ft. Wall area = 1032 SqFt.

In terms of soundproofing the shop I expect I could: add soundproofing material to the walls, fur them out them out hat channel, and add a 5/8 layer of sheetrock. If we can soundproof:

Pricing Estimates:

Expensive Option[edit]

7/8” Drywall Furring Channel: $9.95 per 12' length. Placed 16" on center to hang 5/8" sheetrock. Estimate 9 rows. 9 x 86 = 774' >> min. 65 lengths = $650.00

dB-Bloc: ultra thin, ultra dense soundproofing membrane. 54" x 30' rolls (135 SqFt) Min 8 rolls at $300.00 per roll = $2400.00

5/8" gypsum board: 8' x 4' piece at 10.00 per. Min 33 pieces = $330.00

Fasteners 100.00

Total 3480.00

So.. I will do more research and see if there is a better solution in terms of price/performance.

Cheaper Option[edit]

This appears to be a common strategy. Sound dampening sealant and compound between the existing wall and a new layer of 5/8" sheetrock.

QuietGlue Pro sound dampening compound. 1 five Gallon bucket of compound should cover 12 sheets of gypsum board. 5 Gallon bucket is $200.00, need 3 buckets so $600.00

Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant - 6 Tubes = 60.00

5/8" gypsum board: 8' x 4' piece at 10.00 per. Min 33 pieces = $330.00

Fasteners 100.00

Total = $1090.00

Fasteners and equipment = $100.00

I also wonder if this will work[edit]

Two additional layers of 5/8" sheetrock and sealant.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant - 6 Tubes = 60.00

5/8" gypsum board: 8' x 4' piece at 10.00 per. Min 66 pieces = $660.00

Fasteners 100.00

Total = $820.00

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect[edit]

Dirty Shop, Church Classroom

Who Will Be Doing It[edit]

Jarrod Hicks, so far.

Why This Will Be Good[edit]

We will move the noise of the shop to the perphery of NoiseBridge. The shop will be easier to ventilate using the skylight and east windows. It will be closer to the kitchen for cleanup. Church classroom will be near the entrance making classes in church more visible to attendees and other visitors of the space. We will have more control of lighting and noise levels in the classroom.

Why This Will Be Bad[edit]

It will be alot of work. Both rooms will be unuseable during some of the transistion.

Soundproofing and painting the new room will be costly.

Johny Radio: I disagree with this proposal to: -move LOUD activities to the BACK of the space, -and move QUIET activities to the FRONT [of the space.

Here's why: that's fighting the natural acoustics of our environment.

-The front of the space is plagued with street noise. To put quiet activities at the street side will require keeping the front windows closed, to keep out street noise (if you really mean quiet)-- and possibly additional sound-proofing. We need the ventilation and outside light up there.

-The rear of the space is naturally quiet. It's so peaceful and serene in the rear-- no street noise at all. Quiet activities can effortlessly achieve quiet in the rear of the space, even with the rear windows open.

How Long Will It Take[edit]

Most of the work can be done while Noisebridge is open. Timeline TBD.

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like[edit]

Funds to pay for lumber, sheetrock, paint, electrical equipment, and ventilation fan(s) will be needed. Estimate TBD.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With[edit]

Most Likely, specifics to be added.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict[edit]

Currently Unknown, I will provided updates as needed.