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Josh, your show and tell master of ceremonies, says:

Every Tuesday, before meeting at 7.30pm, we have a show and tell at the Electronics Lab. Here's the rough rules.

1. Bring a demo, prototype, schematic, or code snippet in hand before you show up. If you don't have any of these, make one, and come the next week.

2. We'll go around in two passes, everyone giving a 4 sentence intro on the first round. For the microblurb, you must say four sentences. Not three, not five, but four. Subordinate clauses count at the audience's discretion. Failure to adhere to protocol will result in people arguing about what counts as a sentence.

3. Everyone who wants to present gives their four sentences; after everyone presents their ultra-short blurb, the audience/chaos will decide who gets to talk in more depth, show full demos, shock people with prototypes, etc.

4. New artifacts only. After you do show-and-tell once with a given demo/prototype/whatever, you should bring another one on a subsequent session. This gives you a chance to say "Hey, look, now my game engine does shadows!" or "I fixed the wiring bug, so now the thing I sorta showed last time actually works!"

We'll do this every week for a while, to give people a chance to show progress to the group as they get stuff done.


1) Hi, my name is Josh, and I'm working on an all-TTL CPU.

2) I got a crazy hair up my ass over the holidays, and am now revisiting an old design for a toy CPU.

3) I've only got partial designs so far (hold up notebook like storytime), but it's been really fun.

4) I'm going to finish the ALU and stack management bits soon, then breadboard those parts.

And then we go on to the next person.

I'll see a bunch of you there, if nothing else, so everyone can try and decipher my awful notes!