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Signage and labels with QR Codes provide advanced fourth-dimensional communication technology at Noisebridge.

Signage is a great way to show people how things work or (more importantly) where they can get more information.

  • Print out sign and cover it with clear mailing tape so that it lasts. It's better to make one good sign that lasts instead of several cheap ones.
  • Don't write or add your own commentary to signs.
  • Don't waste Noisebridge stickers as tape to affix signs.
  • LED Signage is best of all!

Put Shortened Wiki Redirect URLs and QR Codes on signs[edit | edit source]

URLS: Signs should have a big clear short URL at the bottom.

REDIRECTS: If a page has a long name, make a new page with #REDIRECT [[ target_page ]]. That page functions as a shorter URL to redirect to the longer-named page. Use the short URL on the signage and the QR code.

Often times signs should link to a Noisebridge wiki page. By putting a short URL on equipment and objects in the space, we provide a way for people to look up more info.

Ideally, the wiki page should reveal the following:

  1. The instruction manual for this item, or any records related to it.
  2. Where to put the object when you are done with it.
  3. Any scheduling info related to this object, or if it is currently being used by someone else for a project.

Making Signage[edit | edit source]

  1. Design the sign to put the important words as big as possible and with some nice graphics if possible to attract the eye.
  2. Include wiki URLs and QR Codes to help people learn more.
  3. Print them out as big as practical for where they will go
  4. Laminator them to make them durable.

Sign Defacement[edit | edit source]

Signs help point out stuff to people. Please don't deface the printed signs, rather go to the wiki page they point to and use the wiki discuss page to suggest changes to the wiki page or the signage pointing to it. Or just make the improvements yourself!

Needed Signs[edit | edit source]

See something that needs a sign? Add it to this list and maybe make it yourself!

  • Drinks only fridge
  • fire escape nb sign
  • VR cart
  • Sewing machine QR codes
  • ordie booth QR code
  • Ngalac QR code
  • Gnar center
  • Gaw center
  • Parts area
  • qr code for lockers
  • Vending machine
  • Anti-harasssment 2.0 + excellence restoration steps
  • Telebridge 2.0 /telebridge
  • Cleaning and organizing 2.0 /cleaning
  • Refreshments fridge only, no food
  • Food fridge for temporary food storage only, thrown out Thursdays
  • No perishable food donations accepted

Recently Added Signs[edit | edit source]

  • Elevator/trash room signs

Current Signage[edit | edit source]

NoisebridgeMeetingPoster.fw.png 3DPrinters100dpi.fw.png GamebridgeSignPage2021.png