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A zine series created at Noisebridge by and for its users.

Editorial team: lizzard, dana, maggie, emeline

How to make a new issue[edit]

Starting the zine itself[edit]

  • Download the template (still in progress, coming soon )
  • Most of the front and back cover will be filled in
  • Add your zine's subtitle, publication date, editor(s) etc
  • Write your zine on the inside pages!
  • You can layout and print those pages, or handwrite it!

Administrative stuff[edit]

  • Add your zine's title and editor(s) to the list below
  • Talk with the editorial team
  • Ed team can help with advice, actual editing, production tips
  • Figure out how many copies and where to print
  • The issue number will be assigned only when you are ready to print

Print your zine[edit]

  • Up to a (some reasonable) amount of pages + number of copies can print at NB
  • Black and white only is suggested strongly to keep costs down
  • Be ready to chip in for new printer ink and more paper
  • Above that number, you need funds and to get it copied or printed
  • Assemble help to fold and staple

Index of issues[edit]

1. Bay Area Hacker and Maker Space Tour (June 2023) 2.