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Simbridge is a hackerspace simulator to introduce newcomers to new creative activities.


To provide an onboarding experience that simulates some of the learning activity stations and motivates players to sign up for classes and membership.  

What is onboarding?[edit]

Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism through which newcomers acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders. Tactics used in this process include formal meetings, lectures, videos, printed materials, or computer-based orientations to introduce newcomers to their new roles and organizations.   In a hackerspace context, onboarding newcomers means showing them what activities the community offers so they can find an activity that interests them and "sign up" to try out that activity. The space has activity stations with tools, and the calendar of events and classes are the most likely way for newcomers to learn how to utilize those tools.  

How do we maximize onboarding ?[edit]

When the player explores Simbridge, they look around freely at the details in a world of hidden awesomeness. The activity stations have signage with links to the wiki and instructional zines for them to look at. To begin interacting with a station, you should sit in one of the chairs.  

How do people know how to start?[edit]

 A series of introductory signage is on the walls as you enter SimBridge (and eventually Noisebridge itself when the SimBridge Tour wiki pages become usable as the actual Noisebridge Tour):


The controls are posted on the wall when you come in.


  • Look around
  • Center crosshair changes focus
  • shows text when pointing at interactive targets
  • LEFT-CLICK: interact with objects
  • RIGHT-CLICK: Zooms in and out
  • W A S D: Forward Backward Left Right
  • SPACEBAR: Jump


The Menu[edit]

The Simbridge menu is part of a smartphone Unity app that appears on a simulated smartphone in front of you.  

The automagical tour of noisebridge[edit]

When newcomers visit actual hackerspaces, you can wander freely or ask members to give a tour to help discover all the parts.   Simbridge has an automated tour with a sign at the front door and more signs throughout the space to help you recognize the stations where you'll stop in the tour.   If you point at its QR Code or enter the URL with your phone, it follows a link to a guided virtual tour with some spoken narration by various guides.   The phone app is presented on a simulated phone in in front of you. It has targets that lower or raise the phone if you want it out of the way.   The tour stations are listed in a menu and on a map. In Simbridge, your exact position on the map is shown, but both in Simbridge and reality you have to point at the QR codes to trigger the location-aware parts.  


The wall by the front door has a sign inviting you to start the tour.

  • How to start the app
  • How to start the tour
  • The controls of the simulator.



The first part of the tour explains Noisebridge itself.

What is Noisebridge?[edit]

Noisebridge is a hackerspace: An arts & technology space for community, projects, classes and events.

Hackerspaces movement[edit]

Noisebridge is part of a global network of spaces. Find more hackerspaces near where you and your friends live.   Tell your friends abroad about the spaces near them.  

Map of Simbridge[edit]

  • Welcome: Your are here!
  • Library:
  • Circuit Hacking:
  • Gamebridge:
  • Laser Cutter:
  • 3D Printers:
  • Shop: CNC, Drills
  • Kitchen:
  • Bathrooms:
  • Classrooms:

Membership explanation[edit]

  It explains do-ocracy. membership and suggests that you can apply to be a member.   There's a map that gives you the overall description of the activity stations, a calendar that mentions some beginner-friendly classes

CLASSROOMS You can learn from many classes at Simbridge, including: Python Web Front-End Gamebridge The best way to start learning is to pick one or more and sign up to start attending!

Put events on your calendar Download calendar items to your calendar app Add events to your google calendars Sign up forms for some?

ART ASSETS LIST Donation Sign TODO: LED Table Conways LED screen door effect