Singer 251-12 Straight Stitch

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Status: Working (as of 2023-04-25)

Type: Single needle lockstitch

Year: c. 1960


  • Materials: Light to medium-heavy (e.g. dress-weight silks to denim)
  • Needle: DBx1, size range unspecified but probably 8 to about 20
  • Thread: Standard is polyester "universal" weight, Tex 20-30, but it can accommodate a wide range of threads. Not suitable for woolly nylon or many types of embroidery thread in needle. Pretty much anything can go in the bobbin.


  • Does not have a backstitch, it only stitches forward. As an alternative to backstitching lift up the foot, move the piece back a little, and then stitch forward again a few stitches. It works just as well as a real backstitch
  • Changing stitch length involves opening up the machine, and we ask that you only do it if you are sure you know how. Please return it to 10 SPI when you are done
  • Takes the same bobbins, needles, and feet as our Juki DDL-227

Manual for Singer 251-12[edit]

Engineer manual for 251-1/2/3/4 models, but probably mostly applicable to 251-12

Repair Log:[edit]

  • 2023-04-15 Cleaned dust/oil buildup, replaced oil, ran at high speed to lubricate, adjusted timing
  • 2023-02 Replaced clutch motor with servo motor