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Noisebridge's skylights are boring and dull.

Lets make them shiny shiny!

Skylighting - First Blinkings.jpeg

The Idea[edit]

In all of Noisebridge's skylights, a set of RGB LED strips at the base. Each controlled by a standalone microprocessor connected via ZigBee, with the network as a whole controlled by a RaspberryPI base station.

The system should be as Anti-Fragile as possible:

  • If the power goes out, it should come back on and look neat
  • Each skylight can act independently of hardware failure of any other skylight
  • Multiple base station designs can be used to control simultaneously, as long as can speak a protocol over ZigBee
  • Wireless by default, wired if available
  • Use of DNS-SD so you don't have to scan the network to find a damn basestation
  • Replacing parts is really cheap and easy to do

Some really neat uses:

  • Clicking a spot on a map on Infobanana turns the overhead lighting into a magical directional indicator
  • When someone buzzes the door, perhaps a certain pattern could be shown
  • A UI that lets one configure each cell's RGB for an event
  • Automatically turning on/off based on a motion sensor grid in the space

The Software[edit]

The Hardware[edit]