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A Social Experiment in Sobriety, Diet and D.I.F. Reboot'n.
You are what you eat/drink.


Nyan cat.gif
S ober
V egi
H aus

[edit] Overview

We all have one thing in common, a terminal condition called life. For simplicity, lets say you live, so long as you don't die of a disease. So would make sense to live somewhere disease free. Now, if we are lucky enough to have a safe place on Earth called home, well call it a hunch, shit would be better.

Create a sober family home environment, to live, to grow, and to thrive, in the house and out to the World and Internets. Fun for the whole family.

[edit] Goals


[edit] Steps


eat, shit, fuck, sleep


safety and well being


friendship, family, intimacy


confidence, respect, independence


fulfill desire

[edit] House Rules

  • Be Excellent to each other
  • No Alcohol or Drugs in the House
  • Only Organic Ovo-lacto Vegetarian Food

[edit] Exercise

Ok, note to self, it's not spelled Excersize

[edit] Chores

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Working

[edit] Social

  • google+
  • youtube
  • twitter
  • vine

[edit] Hacking

  • DIY Bio
  • OpenSim

[edit] Music

[edit] Reference

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