Social Engineers/2011-07-26

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Yeah, well, I efficiently managed this by being twenty minutes late. Fortunately, Shannon and mct were already working on the door-opening script, and I managed to futz around with the RealWorld Wikipage (I need a mytouch 3g battery, it appears).

Next week, I realise I am out in San Diego. Who wants to take over being late for the week?

When I get back (or before, if someone wants to do it), I want to devote a meeting to working out how to help the Treasurer. It'd be great to train up a bunch of minions to do the basic reconciliation process -- not necessarily just to do the grunt work, but also to understand how it works and how we might hack on it to improve it.


Heya all, we're going to have another Social Engineers meeting on Tuesday. I got the sense a bit that doing it for a whole hour tires everyone out for the meeting after it, so I'm going to keep it down to 30 minutes if I can.

Remember the one rule for Social Engineers: every problem raised has to have a proposed solution, and every solution has to have a technical element to it (no matter how silly).

1. Going through last week's brainstorm ideas, and see where we are.

  • the kitchen seems to be doing really well, but I may be wrong
  • the arduino for beginners was excellent and crowded
  • i really enjoyed the singapore visit!
  • wikispam is fixed yay
  • is sleeping still a problem?
  • fire exits
  • NB meeting was kinda dysfunctional last week, but lots of people have (maybe conflicting) ideas of how to make it

3. What could we manage in the next week and the next month.

4. AOB

 * could we do an actual 15 minute standard induction for new visitors?
 -- history + culture of noisebridge (i enjoyed the 10 minute History of Hacking talk I gave)
 -- business card with people to call, guidelines to follow
 -- create their account on the Wiki
 -- no status or permissions or anything, but officially makes you a $SOMETHING of noisebridge