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Happy pi day everyone!

In a recent meeting (note 2017 3/14) I brought up the idea of gaining publicity and support for Noisebridge through social media, and was encouraged to pursue this.

Therefore I am creating this wiki page with the intent of working with others to form a clear image of what the world will see when they interact with us on social media.

Here's my ideas:

1: Our social media will continue to follow our vision.
   - Be excellent! Hence the name of this page.
2: Our social media will show the growth of the community, by interacting with those in the space as well as those who talk to us on such social media.
   - People want to feel involved. If they can't be in the space itself, let them feel like they are having a conversation with those who are.
3: Our social media will be run by the community, with individuals volunteering to help with the creation of media as well as suggest direction.
   - For example, our YouTube page could give opportunities for photographers, cinematographers, videographers, journalists, etc. to be a part of the creation process.
   - Also, if there's individual projects that take place over a long period of time, we could create content that follows the creation process.
   - Retweeting / sharing people's work outside the space could help too, maybe?
4: Our social media will interact with communities outside of our own.
   - Off the top of my head, twitter, facebook. and tumblr are the best places to do this.
   - Have a conversation with another social media page!
5: Our social media should remind listeners and watchers that they should support us!
   - We need to show how amazing a space we have, and encourage that they help maintain it and help it grow!

These are, of course, just a starting point and should be discussed and are not absolute.

Our goal is, again, to gain publicity and support. Our secondary goal, in my mind at least, is to have this set up so that everyone can be a part of how the world sees us.

I'm dedicating this space to brainstorming how we can improve each of these platforms. Feel free to add anything anytime, I'll check back often. - Joey


Joey - Sam had this idea: There are many interesting things in the space and many of them have a story. 

We could have videos dedicated to parts of the space that are interesting and engaging. It would show how much life there is in the space. I really love this idea.

Joey - I really want to have people volunteer to help make videos. 

I also want them to have credit. Videos have so much potential for makers; animation, cinematography, film, scripts, visual editing, audio, make-up, lighting... this isn't something that just one person can do. I'm excited to see people participate and improve.


Joey - Tweet things made at space! 

Tweet them at people who helped make the parts for those things, like @RaspberryPi or @Adafruit. Tweet them at accounts that showcase things like @Hackadayio. With the permission of the fantastic hacker(s) who made the things, of course.

Joey - Have a conversation, make a personality. 

We are a space full of fun, quirky people. Represent that!


Joey - Definitely link to our YouTube and Tumblr pages. 

A lot of people use facebook as their "daily news feed" so be a journalist of the going ons at Noisebridge!

Joey - Probably should be posting quite often about events. Reminders and such. 

Maybe after events, give a summary of what happened at the event and what was accomplished.


Joey - Link to YouTube videos, be a journalist of things going on in Noisebridge! 

Also add notes to relevant things, like tech updates and whatnot.

Joey - Show some hacker content! Pictures, creations, animations, stuff that you can put on a blog post!


Joey - Link to YouTube videos, showcase picture albums of events, be a journalist, encourage people to discuss projects.


Joey - This is a HUGE maybe, but it's worked for people in the past. 

There's a lot of subreddits that what we do could fit in. People would start seeing what we do quite often.

Joey - We could also build bots for Reddit that could prove useful, thereby gaining attention on what we do.
Joey - I would like to make the account and subreddit but I will not do so until further discussed.
Joey - It might be possible to set up an AMA event, where we could have members and people in the space answer questions that people may have about Noisebridge.

We could even live stream it. It would be a great way to show what Noisebridge is all about. Before we can do this we should probably establish our image on social media, to make it easier on those who work on the AMA subreddit.

General Discussion[edit]

Joey - Reminder that I am not a leader, I just want to help. If I come off as bossy, tell me.
Joey - Reminder to have fun with this!
Joey - We should also make those in the space aware of our social media, and that they can represent themselves and noisebridge through it.

This could be an opportunity for many people to have a voice that they would struggle to have before.

If I missed anything feel free to add it on.