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Songbridge Music Hacking Tuesdays 5-7PM at Noisebridge

Songbridge is a beginner-friendly song hacking group that learns about making music to hack hearts and minds. We cover multi-track recording using DAWs (digital audio workstations).

Songbridge is part of the Gamebridge classes on Tuesdays including music production, 2D/3D/physical art and Unity game programming.



  • Alex Peake: User:lxpk teaches basic Ableton, expert Logic & Reason MAIL: empowerthyself AT gmail DOT com
  • Josh Hertel: User:Jhertel242 multi-instrumentalist performer & producer MAIL: jhertel242 AT yahoo DOT com
  • Douglas: Ableton expert

Things to bring

  • Laptops (Mac, Windows & Linux all welcome)
  • Your MIDI controllers, instruments, interfaces, microphones, etc.
  • Physical instruments

Things we have

  • Ableton Live Akai Pro controller (Learn how to do the live performance part of Ableton)
  • MAudio MIDI Interface
  • MIDI Keyboard piano

Digital Audio workstation software

  • Free and Open Source
    • Ardour (macOS, Linux) is the official DAW of the GNAR working group. It's a professional recording/editing/mixing system modeled after Protools and analog tape systems.
    • LMMS (macOS, Windows & Linux) Audio workstation with many instruments and VST support. Cool presets and demos.
    • Pure Data (macOS, Windows & Linux) Modular DSP development environment. Embedded synth engine for iOS and Android.
  • Commercial (Mac & Windows)
    • Ableton Live (which has a free Mac/Windows demo)
    • Apple Logic Pro(which is the easiest if you have a Mac). If you're on Linux, LMMS is the only one that's free, open source and Mac/Linux/Windows.
    • Traktion has version T4 free, T6 costs $60
    • Bitwig Studio a new DAW made by former Ableton engineers. Free demo, $269
    • Propellerhead Reason is a retro-themed DAW brimming with simulated cable patches and great instruments.
    • Max MSP dataflow AV programming (integrates with Ableton Live).
    • GarageBand (macOS) Default install on any Apple computer and has an iOS version. Has built-in music instrument lessons to learn guitar, piano, etc. Great for beginners.

Virtual MIDI Keyboard

(Allows you to play 2-3 octaves with your QWERTY keyboard when you don't have a USB MIDI keyboard with you):

Linux Music Production Distros

(in no particular order)

"...a full complement of the best Linux Audio and Video creation software encompassing both open-source excellence and commercial demos." Free.
"...a collection of applications, artwork and plugins, targeted at audio and video production." Free.
"A complete Live (GNU/LINUX) distribution for musicians and professionals studios based on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.4." Free.
"...some of the most popular and recently updated audio software in the Linux world." Free.
Ubuntu Studio VirtualBox image:
"...the fastest, most fully-featured, pro audio studio in the world! Studio 13.37 (pronounced “leet”) is perfect for professional audio work. Doesn’t need to be installed, and can produce studio-quality results from almost any computer. Unbelievable speed, amazingly low latency, and “zero glitches”. Full money-back guarantee." $50

Linux Audio Software

Linux Hardware Audio/USB Interfaces

Johny Radio's Hand-Picked Musical Web Toys & Tools

A collection of free, fun, web-based, music and sound producing toys and tools. Includes a mutating windchime, toys that twist your instrument or turn your voice into visual art, gorgeous drones, a visual harp, a fractal synthesizer, faithfully-modeled 808 and 909 drum machines, a modeled plucked string, reverbs, MIDI multitrackers, and full-fledged recording studios.


  • Amin friscoamin AT gmail DOT com.
  • Jarvis
  • Matt
  • Dor

Noisebridge Song Project

IDEA: We could create a nerd rap / melodysheep autotuned song about Noisebridge and related subjects.

Song subject ideas

  • nerd
  • hacking
  • music making