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Launch Date: March 27, 2010. (is this correct?)

Requirements for Launch:

  • Payload enclosure
    • Foamshell
    • Design and test for environmental survivability
  • More video (HD, smooth as practical)
  • APRS working
  • Pointing/stability
    • Long tether (L < 50')
    • Fins/foils?
    • Rollerons
    • Fins/foils
    • Gyroscope

Suggested additions:

  • Parachute deployment
  • Mobile camera
  • Altimeter (consider $60 Altigps or mems barometer)

Payload Enclosure Proposals:

  • Metallized paint is expensive. Suggest gluing mylar/aluminum and soldering ground straps across seams for ESD protection.
  • Alternatively, could wrap electronics in foil and hope for the best.


  • Lens heater
    • Band heater (~$30 McMaster or similar) or Hair Dryer (computer fan plus heating coil)
    • Mosfet-actuated, thermistor controlled
    • Use mic jack of phone for thermistor input (no arduino necessary!)


  • Mylar or similar metallic surface prevents ESD, increases antenna gain.

Standing issues:

  • Condensation on lenses (is active warming needed?)
  • Turbulent airflow (v = 1200 ft/s)
  • Sensor noise
  • GPS update rate and smoothing