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Pre-flight checklist for balloon launches.


  1. Two cameras (third optional)
  2. Two G1s, freshly charged
  3. Opentracker
  4. Package Tracker
  5. GPS Beacon
  6. Two F SMA to M BNC converters
  7. Monopole roof-mount antenna
  8. Dipole handheld antenna
  9. Two radios
  10. Two charged radio batteries
  11. 4 AA lithium ion batteries
  12. 2 AA Alkaline batteries (A700 will only use Alkaline)
  13. 2 9v lithium ion batteries
  14. Zipties, large


  1. Cameras on
  2. Cameras are set to high ISO and/or fast shutter speed
  3. Cameras saving compressed images
  4. Cameras Flash off
  5. Batts charged for camera, G1, radio

Spacebridge Bravo.JPG Electronics

  1. Fasten connectors J4, J6
  2. Turn on Radio
  3. Connect new 9v Batt to J5
  4. Fasten connectors J2, J3
  5. Confirm green light on Opentracker to indicate APRS signal
  6. If using Package Tracker, connect J1, J7, J8
  7. If not using package tracker, connect GPS (J7) directly to Opentracker (J1)
  8. Confirm flashing green light on Opentracker to indicate GPS reception
  9. Confirm red LED flashes on radio to indicate VOX mode signal transmission
  10. Confirm radio coordinate reception using handheld radio
  11. Confirm radio coordinate parsing using External G1
  12. Confirm SMS coordinate reception using G1
  13. Mount electronics in payload


  1. Ziptie payload closed
  2. Test mechanical stability of parachute to payload connection
  3. Test mechanical stability of redundant parachute payload connection
  4. Check LED flasher mechanical stability
  5. Check that "if found tag" is firmly attached to payload
  6. Inflate balloon
  7. Make history

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