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SPY RADIOS AND CRYPTO GEAR FROM WWII TO THE 1960S (Mailing list announcement)

Time and Date[edit]

On Wednesday, the 15th of April, 2009 starting at 20:00 sharp, Noisebridge will be having a spectacular talk by a wonderfully talented member of our extended community: Richard Dillman of the special services division of Greenpeace USA! He's planning to fill our big table with gear and he'll have many interesting stories to tell.

Who's speaking?[edit]

Richard Dillman, founder of the Special Services division of Greenpeace USA, will present his personal collection of spy and crypto gear at Noisebridge at 8:00pm on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009. Here's his writeup on the talk:

What's happening?[edit]

As an agent for the OSS it's your job to carry a radio set through occupied Amsterdam in WWII to a safe house where you will send vital information back to the Allies. The radio is built into an innocent looking valise. But it weighs 40lbs. As you send your messages in Morse code, listening for the sound of jack boots coming up the stairs to your garret room, you know your life expectancy is about six weeks.

You're an agent for an obscure British agency stationed at a foreign embassy surrounded by a hostile mob. Communications is cut off. You pry up the floorboards to retrieve a radio set hidden years ago for just such an occasion. Will you be able to contact England with a last vital message?

Your KGB case officer has assigned you to obtain clandestine photographs of an American operating as a trade representative in Moscow. He's suspected of passing Soviet secrets to the west. The smallest hint that he's under surveillance will cause him to flee. How will you carry out your assignment?