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[2:36 AM]
lizzie: Matt and I were talking about having a special subset of
 the parts shelves be specific parts that we re-order when they're
 running low and can donate to when we use.

[2:39 AM]  
The parts section is great but it can be really annoying to design boards, 
since we don't have parts numbers for many parts, and the footprints are 

[2:39 AM]  
Being able to reorder the entire special stock would be cool.

Please add to this list of electronics components and materials that we would like to see maintained at Noisebridge[edit]

Qty Part / material Short description
1 250 Red LED Red LED, 5mm, through-hole
2 250 Green LED Green LED, 5mm, through-hole
3 250 Blue LED Blue LED, 5mm, through-hole
4 Jumper wires Pre-made jumper wires
5 Male headers 0.1" pitch male header pins
6 Female headers 0.1" pitch female header pins
7 Perf boards Various sizes
8 potentiometers with the same footprints; that can actually fit on a breadboard
9 switches with predictable footprints
10 common caps
11 common resistors
12 common op-amps
13 74xx series logic inverters, MUXes, etc
14 general purpose BJTs in both P- and N-doped flavors
15 general purpose MOSFETS in both P- and N-doped flavors
16 connectors, jacks, plugs, header pins, etc
17 1N400x series diodes
18 DC jacks commonly called CCTV 2.1mm jacks
19 Step up and down converters $1-$2 a piece on aliexpress
20 PCA9685 makes controlling LEDs and servos super easy
21 DHT11/22 great temperature and humidity sensor
22 DSB18B20 great simple temp sensor
23 3.5mm audio cable connectors
24 OLED display mini ones for arduino and pi
25 JST connectors