Stupid Hackathon 2

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Note: This page is about an event that has already happened. It took place on May 14 2016. | Edit

Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon 2.0[edit]

This is a historical page for reference, for present and future events, ie, 2017's 3.0 event see:


Techie Nihilism in action!
Some stuff that sucks will be made on May 14th 2016.
I heard about it during a meeting. Some people at ITP did this too.


Help us keep the event running smoothly, sign up to volunteer to help guide guests from the door through noisebridge in one of these time slots


09:00-12:00 - Morning Clean up: restrooms/sink area, pickup trash, put things away, sweeping, wipe down tables chairs, open windows, and whatever else makes the mood of the space happy and productive.

  • Jarrod Hicks


GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES EVENT. This usually takes place in the Hackitorium, preparations for the hackathon can take place elsewhere in the space while this is happening. The GODWAFFLE team usually sweeps and puts all the tables back in the hackitorium when they are done.


  • Noah Swartz
  • Logan Williams
  • Rachel Fong
  • Olivier Laleu
  • Jarrod Hicks (sort of, i'll help people get situated and show where to find tools/materials if we have them)


  • Rachel Fong
  • Olivier Laleu


  • Logan Williams



  • Josh Horowitz


  • Logan Williams
  • Rachel Fong

8pm-10pm (cleanup!):

  • Logan Williams
  • Noah Swartz
  • Rachel Fong
  • Will Doenlen