Stupid Hackathon 4

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The Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon 4 happened on August 11-12, 2018.

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Demo live stream:


Micro micro greens[edit]

micro microgreens

by Ruth Grace Wong




by Ruth Grace Wong

Pockets with Fake Pants[edit]

"I'm sick of having pants with fake pockets, so I made pockets with fake pants"

Front of pockets with fake pants Back of pockets with fake pants

by Ruth Grace Wong


"We created ricestrology to solve two problems that we commonly hear in San Francisco. People are anxious about the future, and also we're eating too many carbs. Instead of eating the rice you have, you can use it to predict the future"




Ricestrology homepage

Ricestrology demo screenshot

by Tiffany Sun, Bryan Sim, Eduardo Portet, Jessica Lin

Overcommitting to Git[edit]

Makes a commit to Git each time you type a character in Vim.

Source code:

Overcommiting to Git demo screenshot

By Yev Barkalov

Containers in Containers[edit]

What if a malicious actor breaks out of your container? But what if your application was inside a container, which was inside a container, which was inside another container, inside another container, inside another container?

Source code:

containers in containers demo screenshot

By Yev Barkalov

Not Elon[edit]

Have you ever wondered whether or not something you were looking at was Elon Musk? A riff off the not hotdog app, this is... Not Elon Musk!

Source code:

Not Elon demo screenshot

By Yev Barkalov


The dating app for Tims. If you are Tim you can swipe left and swipe right, and if you are not Tim, well, then you can only upload your info and hope that a Tim finds you.

Demo video:

Timder demo screenshot

by Zach

The Template:Name conference[edit]

Name conference demo screenshot

Ever been to a conference and forgotten someone's name? This is a conference for people with the same name

by Zach

Salad mixing machine[edit]

Multi-axis salad mixing machine

Demo video:

Salad mixing machine demo screenshot

by Zach


The Blockbuster for Youtube curated by real people! Pick out the title that you want, and bring it to the counter to rent a QR code for your YouTube video. Tubebuster includes a covered 'W' section for especially weird videos, as well as a real return bin. Sponsored by the Rewinder app for rewinding your Youtube videos, because you should always rewind and be kind.

Demo video:

Tubebuster demo screenshot

Rewinder app advertisement screenshot


Cryptocurrency for the physical world. This blockchain cannot be hacked because everything is kept track of in a physical binder. Coins are consensus-based, with each member of the team signing for each one. There's real proof of work -- each coin has to be made. And of course, they have a white paper.

Demo video:

Fisikoin demo screenshot

Fisikoin whitepaper demo screenshot

by Jesus Garnica, Jake Killelea, Rebecca Schena

Masterchomp: Mastication measuring mask[edit]

Fitbit for Mastication: This device measures your daily chew progress, including many graphs, as well as a yellow pacman that chews with you. Available for web and mobile.

Demo video:

Masterchomp demo screenshot

by Jamie, Rhonda, Andy, and Melissa

10x oversized vape[edit]

Bigger than any vape you've ever seen!

Demo video:

10x oversized vape demo screenshot

by Sean Greenslade

Intelligent Beat Curtain[edit]

An intelligent bead curtain that automatically shakes or opens when an object is detected as approaching.

Demo video:

Intelligent bead curtain demo screenshot

by Jeremy Kuester