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Sudo pop is a yerba mate ginger beer.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

for a 5 Gallon keg of sudo pop:

Supplies[edit | edit source]

 * Taragui Mate con Palo
 * 5 Gallon Carboy (secondary fermentation)
 * 5 Gallon of Pot
 * Bottle siphon, bottle capper, caps
 * 5 Gallon (Primary fermentation or mixing) bucket
 * airlocks, and miscellaneous brewing supplies

Process[edit | edit source]

1:1:1:2:10 ratio rosamonde yerba mate: limes & sweet lemons:ground ginger:panela & white sugar:H20

  • In a small pot, boil ginger and sugar with some water.
  • Boil remaining H20 in 5 gallon pot. Cool the big pot to 85C.
  • Add Mate,steep for 5-7 minutes.
  • Mix back the ginger-sugar mixture to the mate to taste.
  • strain. strain. strain.
  • pour mixture into carboys to cool, chill, then carbonate.

alternative: brew kombucha:

History[edit | edit source]

Experiment series #1[edit | edit source]

(4/10/2009 - Martin B)

 * 1 liter water
 * coffee filter (unbleached, melitta #5)
 * 250ml by volume of Yerba Mate (Taragui : elaborada con palo)
 * 50ml of cane sugar syrup (obtained at Whole Foods)
 * 1 liter seltzer bottle w/ co2 cartridge for carbonation

Brought water to 90C, and added cold-rinsed yerba mate tea contained in polymesh teabag for 10 minutes of steeping time. Removed bag, and ran through a common coffee filter to remove sediment into the glass seltzer bottle. Added 50ml of cane sugar syrup and set aside to cool to room temperature. Capped bottle and left in fridge for 30 minutes to cool.

Result was mildly astringent, similar in flavor profile to Club-Mate but perhaps a bit sweeter. After adding CO2, the slight acidity of the soda countered the sweetness. When served from the selzer bottle, however, the soda was extremely foamy. May have to add an agent that makes the soda more tart, but without adding a flavor like lemon does.

Note (from Colin aka CatCubed): The foaminess is a result of the force seltzer bottle's nozzle. If you take the inner tube out of the seltzer bottle, you can then add the CO2 and just shake vigorously to carbonate. After letting it settle a bit, you can just open the bottle and pour out your new soda! Less foam and slightly bigger bubbles giving it a more soda mouthfeel.

Brewing at 90C may be too hot. Next pass should be done at 80C but still for 10 minutes.

adjustments for batch #2

 * Reduce yerba mate to 100ml by volume.
 * Reduce cane sugar syrup to 25ml 
 * 5g of fresh lemon zest (for tartness)

Added lemon zest to mate before steeping. Allowed 10 minutes of steeping time, followed procedure from earlier experiment.

Result is still mildly astringent, but sweetness profile is much closer to Club-Mate. Lemon flavor is not right, but not unpleasant, as a tartening agent. Using the seltzer bottle is not the right way to add carbonation, the resulting soda is still far too foamy. Transferred soda from seltzer bottle into clean 1 liter glass mineral water bottle then capped.

adjustments for batch #3-8

Lowered steeping time by one minutes per batch.

Result was batch #7, with a 5 minute steeping time, had a markedly less bitter flavor, while retaining a strong mate flavor profile.

adjustments for batch #9,10

 * Juice of one whole lemon (meyer) 
 * Increased cane sugar syrup to 50ml
 * Increased fresh lemon zest to 10g
 * Steepting time reduced to 5min
 * Water temperature reduced to 80C

Result is a refreshingly tart drink without the bitterness present in previous batches. Similar to an 'Arnold Palmer' without all the sweetness.

Experiment Series #2[edit | edit source]

(4/12/2009 Martin Bogomolni)

The need for some sort of coloration is somewhat evident. After 24 hours in the fridge, there is a marked coloration difference from when the drink was first bottled in Series #1. It has gone from a dark brown/green to a light green/yellow, possibly due to the acidity of the drink causing the chlorophyll or other components in the mate to act as an indicator dye. Either way, the addition of a caramel color or other dark colorant may be advisable from a 'look and feel' perspective.

Mate brewing replication Series #1[edit | edit source]

(4/14/09-4/21/09 R.M. Alexander)

Brewing Taragui Yerba Mate con Palo according to an interpretation of the above brewing steps performed by Martin B.

 * 1:10 Mate:H20
 * 80-85C
 * 5-10 Minute brewing time.

Resulting Flavor qualities

 * creamy, slightly astringent & woody flavor that matures to a sweet aftertaste after a few minutes or drinks.
 * After drinking, throat and tongue tip coating has  similar to licorice root sweetener.  
 * In general, does not follow sweet foods well.  
 * Generally enjoyed by others, but not *enough* for quick adoption or conversion of die hard coffee drinkers.


 * Base brewing recipe needs group testing with citric (fresh lemon/lime based) and sugar additions before making modifications 


 * Interesting frothing is possible with agitation.
 * Investigate effects on gastrointestinal tract as well as appetite suppressing qualities. 
 * Should we codify or find extant codifications for some of these descriptive flavor characteristics?
 * Blind testing setup between brands as well as recipes:  LOTS more experimentation cycles to go through

Noise Mate #1[edit | edit source]

(6/02/09 - R.M. Alexander)

Brewed sudo pop variant: noise mate with 1:1:2:10 ratio mate:lemon:palm sugar syrup (thick variant):H20, 80-85C, 10 minutes brewing. 5 liters brewed, carbonated and drank for meeting

whoah. what about ginger? no ginger. I think I forgot to list the ginger I used.

Noise Mate #2[edit | edit source]

(3/14/10 - R.M. Alexander)

Brewed sudo pop variant: noise mate with 1:1:1:2:10 ratio rosamonde yerba mate:key limes and sweet lemons:ground ginger:panela & white sugar:H20, 85C, 7 minutes brewing.

5 gallons (cooking 20 cups water and mixing with 7lb beverage ice bags[ 7lb ~ 9.3 liquid cups ] to bring temp down brewed in two beverage containers and chilled in an ice bath to carbonate for pi day.