Suicide Prevention

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A list of resources in San Francisco for Suicide Prevention and assistance.

SFSuicide Runs a hotline. (415) 781-0500

BlueHackers A community of hackers dealing with depression.

Dore Urgent Care (DUCC) Provides mental health services, and related medical support. Not 5150 Hold. 52 Dore Street, between Folsom & Howard, and between 9th and 10th. (415) 533-3100

If you are feeling depressed, talk to someone at Noisebridge, please! We are your friends!

If someone confides their suicidal thoughts to you, listen. Listen, listen, listen. It's good to have resources on hand and know who to call/where to go/etc, but step 1 is to truly listen.

The Bay Area Icarus Project is a local extension of the radical mental health collective called the Icarus Project (this site has a variety of resources). There is a open, weekly free meeting where people discuss what is on their minds. There is no therapist and meetings are different depending on what participants collectively decide to do. No universal answer is advocated.