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Its been awhile since MiniReboot17, we have some big events coming up, and the space needs some cleaning.

On August 26 and 27 we are going to do some cleaning in the space. If would like to help clean your local hackerspace, please come on over. We'll make good use of your time, spend some time working with each other. Maybe we can even swing some refreshments.

If you'd like to add to the list of tasks below, please do.

We'll start around 10:00a each day, but come anytime you can make time. See you soon!

Cleaning Tasks[edit]

  • Locker Purge:
    • Lockers shall be opened and purged according to previously established protocols
  • Project Shelf purge:
    • Abandoned projects (Tags >2 months old) will be untagged and moved to hack shelves or Ewaste staging depending on judgement of person preforming purge.
  • Laser Cutter purge:
    • All laser cutter materials need to be sorted. Old "do not hack" materials need to be reclaimed for the space
  • Dump Run Staging:
    • ll general and construction debris should be collected for later loading for transport to the dump.
  • Ewaste Staging:
    • Gather current Ewaste and add additional Ewaste from hack shelves and project shelves. Collect into easy to move bins and bags for later transport to an Ewaste recycler.
  • Hazards Staging:
    • Any hazardous materials that are no longer needed or of little use should be put into crates and stacked for removal to the proper facility.
  • Dust Shelves:
    • Brush dust off any high surfaces and shelves for later collection via sweeping.
  • Wipe down Tables and Chairs:
    • Clear tables and chairs and wipe/scrub down with clean wet rags.
  • Sweep/Mop:
    • Move furniture and sweep and mop the space. This should come after wiping down the tables.
  • Entryway sweeping:
    • Sweep out stairway and collect any accumulated trash. Also sweep elevator carriage.
  • Tool collection and reset:
    • Carefully search the space for out of place tools, collect any misplaced tools, put them away
  • Sewing area purge:
    • Remove any less useful scraps, and abandoned projects (Tags >2 months old). Add to Dump Run staging pile.
  • Shop purge:
    • Remove less useful scrap materials, keeping only the better scraps that can fit in the shop scrap areas. Add to dump run staging pile.
  • Purge books:
    • Books that are not to be part of the Noisebridge Library collection should be staged for Dump Run, or offered for free on Mission street.
  • Window Cleaning:
    • Windows to be wiped clean and dryed. To the extent that the person perfuming the task feels safe doing so.

Bathroom Cleaning: Empty trash cans. Wipe down walls. Scrub fixtures. Sweep and Mop Floors.

Maintenance Tasks[edit]

  • Clean up and add to wall of photos at entry
    • Description: Need Glass for two frames. We should add some more collages of photos to the ones already by the door. More picture frames, and picture hanging hardware, are needed and a collection of photos of Noisebridge people who would like to be added to the wall need to be printed and arranged. Also, two of the existing frames are missing glass which would be good to replace.
  • Dirty Shop Organization and tools
    • Description: The Dirty Shop has had some new tools donated recently. The shop needs to be cleaned up and the new tools need to be arranged and set up for use. The new tools are: the router table, band saw, and CNC machine. The table saw lost a foot if it can't be found, one should be ordered. Also a organization and inspection of the other tools in the space may be in order.
  • Move Jarrod's goddamn pile of steel
    • Description: Jarrod needs to move the steel he bought for MakerFaire and his CNC table project. This needs to go somewhere safer and out of the way.
  • Network drop and Workstation improvements for Sparkle Forge
    • Description: currently the network cable for the laser cutter workstation runs through one of the windows. During construction a network cable was run through the wall for this purpose. While this doesn't have to be the one used, the cabling to the workstation needs to be cleaned up. If other workstations are planned for this room, perhaps a switch should be installed.
  • Sparkle Forge Workstation and Table arrangement
    • Description: The laser cutter needs to be moved closer to the walls in Sparkle Forge and a smaller table for the laser cutter workstation needs to be found or built for the workstation. The original plan for this workstation was to have most of it wall mounted to free up even more room. The goal is to make the tool shelves easy to access while someone is using the laser cutter.
    • Owner: None
  • Sparkle Forge Sound System
    • Description: There are speakers on the shelves in Sparkle Forge. If we have an amplifier in the space, these could be set up so people could play music from their phones while they work.
  • Secure Sparkle Forge scrap
    • Description: the long steel sections in Sparkle Forge need to be more restrained, similar to the conduit in the dorkroom.
  • Sink area wall cleanup
    • Description: The wall near the sink is still suffering from being part of an unfinished art project. The excess joint compound should be chipped, scraped, and sanded off the walls. The walls should then be patched at the corner and repainted.
  • Decommission the Entry Area office supplies dresser
    • Description: The office supplies dresser by the entryway needs to be replaced with an open shelving and labeled bins solution for storing office supplies.
  • Clean the stairs
    • Description: Some oil was dripped on the stairs. Hopefully the stains can be wiped up some and the treads and risers of the stairs cleaned. This is a good task for the cleaning day.
    • Owner: None
  • Clean up wiring at entryway
    • Description: The wires around the door need some arranging and cleanup, but without breaking the door bell, door buzzer, and access control system.
  • Entry Projector setup
    • The projector at the entry should be working, but it we could have it doing something during the exhibition, like showing information about the exhibition. There was also previous talk about installing a ceiling outlet at the junction box in the ceiling near it.
  • Display Case clean up
    • Description: The display case could use some cleaning up. The LEDs should be remounted, the shelves and glass cleaned, and shirts and stickers arranged, and old items purged from the area.
  • Elevator Gate wiring cleanup
    • Description: The wiring around the elevator gate needs to be better laid out, and ideally set up so that opening the wooden door panel doesn't require disconnection of the wiring.
  • Condense and purge Items under electronics work benches
    • Description: There are boxes and piles of items under the electronics benches. These need to be sorted, purged, and organized.
  • Fox Lounge Electrical Cleanup
    • Description: Some of the wiring in the Fox Lounge would be improved by better routing and relocation of switch boxes.
  • Track Lighting in Library?
    • Description: It appears that someone is starting to set up some track lighting in the library. This would be a nice addition to complete, especially if the lights were on a dimmer.
  • WiFi Refactoring and Upgrade
    • Description: Install two new donated APs and possibly rearrange/reconfigure the existing ones for better coverage.

Supplies required or desired[edit]

Rags, Towels, Paper Towels,