Synth Building Workshop with Peter Blasser of Ciat Lonbarde

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Tocante and Synthesizer Building Workshop

Registration Link - Please use to reserve your spot at the workshop

You must use this link to pre-order a kit for the Workshop.

About Peter Blasser

Peter Blasser is an educator and artist who builds unique synthesizers of his own design as Ciat Lonbarde. He is coming to the Bay Area to host a workshop!

Peter’s Website

What are the available kits for this Workshop?


Mobenthey set for Eurorack-compatible modular synthesizers includes: fourses, 3xswoop, 2xdenum, dunst, sprott.

Tocante Instruments

Tocante is 10 flavors: circle, square, triangle, red circle, red square, red triangle, bass square, bass triangle, zenert and karper.

Facebook event for the workshop

The Workshop

Each participant will be able to assemble one of Peter’s Tocante instruments or a Mobenthey Kit. Soldering irons and hand tools are provided. Peter will guide participants and we hope to have a few experienced electronics hobbyists attendees to help guide the workshop. To participate in the workshop you must purchase one of the options below:

Costs for Participation and Kits at the event

Tocante (your choice at the event -- limited to around 12 - 20 builders):$210

Mobenthey kit for Eurorack -- Limited to only a few people maximum: :$999

Payment can be sent using the registration link to reserve your spot
You may order more than one Tocante if you feel inclined, including on the day of the workshop.

If you have any questions or special requests, please email

Getting to Noisebridge

The workshop will be August 18th at Noisebridge in SF, starting with an opening introduction from Peter at 10am. Early birds welcome to help setup soldering irons, etc.

Physical Address 2169 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94110

You can take Bart to 16th Street Mission Station and walk two blocks down Mission Street to Noisebridge. There is a buzzer at the gate on the right hand side. We recommend arriving by 10am, especially if you need to borrow a soldering iron, etc.

Tentative Schedule

9:00AM Setup and check-in - Volunteers welcome! 10:00AM talk 10:30 workshop start 1:30 lunch break 2:30 workshop 5:00-6:00 wrap up 6:00 - 7:00 Clean up