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Now Showing From the Web (NSFW) is a show and tell sort of event where people come and share video and other multimedia projects they have made as well as interesting things people have found during their travels in the Tubes™.

lol wut?[edit]

Videos! On the internet! I'm sure you've collected a mental list of neat videos you've seen online that other people would enjoy, such as this one. Or maybe you produce content yourself, like this, and you're looking for an audience that would not otherwise see it.


The last Saturday of every month at 8PM. Or 20:00 for those weird people that like 24hr time.

ooh, neat. how can I participate?[edit]

Give us videos! Whether it be something you made or something you found online, get it to us and we'll play it.

For those who've created videos and have not yet published them onto a video sharing site simply bring the file in a flash drive or bring your laptop so we can play it.

The event starts at 8 and will go until we've either run out of videos to play or more likely we get bored.

There is no filter on the kind of video you show but please use common sense if there's like kids in the room or something.

All links will be posted after the event onto the wiki.

Ani will be managing February's event, look for the chick with the grey/purple/blue hair (pink no longer).

Links to March's videos (skipped February due to EPROM):[edit]

add more!

Links to January's videos:[edit]