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The 9 A.M. Talk Net meets on ham radio weekdays at 0900 PT in the San Francisco Bay Area on N6NFI/R (145.230 MHz, 100Hz PL). We are not affiliated with any club, do not have a set topic, and especially encourage new hams to check-in and ask questions.

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October 13th, 2021[edit]

Wednesday Net Control fill in

9:00 Early Check-in[edit]

  1. WB6KIO Steve Daly City
  2. KM6WP Mike
    1. Printer pickup at Black Bear, trials with robot and unscreweing
  3. WB6CLS
  4. K6WA Dave - Lunch-in at Black Bear Diner
    1. Door prizes, 415 El Camino Real
  5. WA6UUT Arvid Hamer
  6. KE6NAN Roger
  7. WR6Q Rom, saw some snow in Tahoe Monday
  8. KR6DD Andy, little mic level feedback and adjustments
  9. KW6MHZ
  10. K6QFO Clear sunny 53 degrees
  11. W6DH Dave

Net Closed 10:07 am[edit]

Pacificon (sign up on-line)

Parachute Mobile 40

Black Bear Dinner 415 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale

October 7th, 2021[edit]

9:00 Early Check-ins[edit]

  1. WB6KIO
  2. WB6CLS
  3. AA1FD
  4. KB6DA
  5. W6MNC
  6. K6LRQ
  7. KE5NWY
  8. W6UOB
  9. KJ6UOF

September 23rd, 2021[edit]

9am Talk Net from Copenhagen Denmark, Buses trains and sidewalks. Logs are in archive and will be transcribed.

== 9:00 Early Check-in

September 9th, 2021[edit]

9:00 Early Check-ins[edit]

  • KI6BEN John
  • KN6KZF Rikke
  • N6UOB Byron in Campbell, reporting poor reception from echo link, KN6KZF came in ok though
  • N6VFH Chuck
  • KB6DA Rob in Sunnyvale
  • KK6GXG Jon in Klamath Falls
  • KX6B
  • KR6DD Andy
  • W6CLS
  • KK6ISP
  • KN6U(or E?)JC William in Redwood City (very poor signal quality)
  • WB6KIO Steve in Daly City
  • KN6EAM

10:00 Regular Check-in[edit]

  • N6VFH Chuck returns
  • KC6TYD Rob
  • K6LRQ Tim in Mtn View
  • AF6IM Mark
  • KX6B Dick in W. San Jose
  • KI6BEN John re-check-in
  • KR6DD Andy returns
  • AI6KG Christopher in Mtn View mobile
  • KE6TFU Robert in San Jose
  • K6WA Dave
  • AC6Y Mischa

Net started late (09:13 PST) due to technical issues; temporary drop-out from Henry's EchoLink node. K6EAU / Beau on as net control until 10am PST, then KN6KZF / Rikke until 11:15am PST.

11:17 Roll Call[edit]

  • K6WA Dave, recap of travels in Europe so far
  • N6VFH Chuck 83 degrees, 94 yesterday
  • KE5NWY Richard in Texas, nice day and weather mid 70's with light breeze

Net Closed 11:45[edit]

700th Wednesday Luncheon coming up

Pacificon and Parachute Mobile in October

Node Red PAARA presentation Friday

August 26th, 2021[edit]

K6EAU Net Control from Elsinore Denmark aboard Escapel

Early check-ins attempt

KK6ISP Clark on echo Kg6agc at va NE6RD up late/early


WB6CLS N6VFH Target store caution dk driver, parachute mobile 39 KR6DD K6QFO Tahoe smoked out, Placerville 11% contained


ai6kg Christopher mt view mobile Kk6ekn Lesly


K6LRQ Tim in m mountain view W6REK in Augusta Georgia, VCF southern fried gaming expo Nd6v Dave Campbell




August 12th, 2021[edit]

Noisebridge W6REK-R Echo Link node

Hi W6REK, quick hello on the side of the road.

Early Check-ins 09:01[edit]

  • WB6CLS Andy, yesterday long and strong 10 or 20 over 9 on IC-756, switch to IC-735 (opened up), contact in Central Valley
    • Antenna 4800 killa cycle instead of 5300 or 5350, suspicious antenna
    • 60 meters, some issues on other bands, 756 european model
  • KE6NAN Roger do some work in the building,
  • KB6DA background blower, no noise, nice get together at Black Bear Wednesday
    • visiting their brother up in Folsom this weekend D-74 handheld to indoor J-Pole
    • some incompatible versions of features with echo link
  • N6VFH Chuck 77 bright sunny skies, viz index kinda hazy can make out the hills
    • SBARA talk with Icom rep on Friday
  • W6REK Strick on John's Island around for a week, then Atlanta for Vintage Computer Festival
    • Representing 6809 and Radio Shack Color Computer, +coco 3's from a buddy
    • getting going to pick up some keys, fyi "donk" on the single
    • update on tour of potential new Hacker Dojo space
  • N6VFH/KN6KZF/K6EAU week before last marine survey and guest net host
  • KN6KZF Rikke proxy check-in on a jet plane 33,000
  • AF0XX Frank, mentioned kailh choc switches from Adafruit
  • ISP bicycle mobile downtown los altos
  • LRQ Tim in Mountain View, best to Rikke
  • ND6V Dave in Campbell
  • N7TSQ Joe in the Vinyard 66 degrees with 66% humidity with some high clouds
  • W6COV Chris working at home in Los Altos

Regular Check-ins 10:11[edit]

  • KR6DD Andy 65 in Mountain View
  • WB6JOE with nothing
  • N6VFH Chuck 75 fires suck
  • KI6BEN spotify promotion for new single
    • happy their kid found a good deal on a outdoor fire pit
  • K6WW Fremont

Net Closed 10:46[edit]

  • QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo starts Friday 6p pacific with live presentations
  • some chatter on CARLA with various smoke reports
  • low flying aircraft report from KK6ISP bicycle mobile

July 29th, 2021[edit]

Guest Net Control KN6KZF[edit]

July 15th, 2021[edit]

Check-ins 9:01am[edit]

  • AC6MM Brian in Fremont, Coyote Hills shooting the breeze on sailing
    • Has sailed out of North Beach Marina with friends on rentals
  • N6VFH Chuck, 61 bright sunny skies
  • ISS Radios in space
    • Feast or famine on radio activity, back to work and all
  • KN6PGD Charles Oakland
  • K6KWR Keith sorta Sunny Moraga 145.430 MHz net goin in Auburn
    • Updates on noisebridge and interested in visiting
  • W0WEB George SF Mobile some YouTube reports on Radio Free Havana being jammed on the Cuba side
    • Heavy fog, 1/2 mile visibility near Twin Peaks
  • KR6DD Andy shopping at Costco, mentioning cold war jamming
    • Loop Antennas being distributed by American HAM to defeat jamming

Regular Check-ins 9:59am[edit]

  • K6WA Dave, lunch-in recap
  • N6VFH, 66 degrees now, October 8-10th Fleet Week coming back to SF
    • Pacificon coming as well, volunteers needed, do not need to be a licensed operator, last day big swap
  • KR6DD comment on K6DLC info on Santa Cruz swap
  • AF0XX 62 degrees in Hayward
  • AC6Y Misha at home on the station with disk cone antenna, looking to connect with Steve in Oregon
    • Practicing Morse Code via web tool from Shri;

Net Closed 10:40am[edit]

  • Santa Cruz Radio Club Swap July 18th 8:30am
  • Morse Code tool
  • Sunnyvale Public Library Book Sale and $5 bag of books Saturday July 17th starting at 10am

July 1st, 2021[edit]

HT's from the back room, S3.

No go, switching to Echo Link at 9:05am

Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  • KB6DA Rob, Sunnyvale working on new Mag Loop, circular di-pole
  • N6VFH Chuck, flying some flags
  • KC6TYD First motorcycle ride in to work in forever
    • Notes on APRS on the water and in the air
  • WB6CLS still chasing SSB 60 meters
  • KN6PGD Charles in Oakland testing new antenna
  • KR6DD Andy

Regular Check-ins 10:00am[edit]

  • K6WA Dave nice lunch with all yesterday
  • N6VFH 67 bright sunny skies and some wind in San Jose
  • KR6DD
  • K6LRQ Tim in Mountain View
  • KG6RKK Richard in Oakland
  • K6QFO Noise Kid in Placerville, cool now, been averaging 107 degrees
  • KI6DAR

Net Closed 10:35am[edit]

June 17th, 2021[edit]

W6REK-R Echo Link connection

Some drop outs on echo link, re-locating to driveway mobile

Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  • KI6BEN
  • KR6DD
  • K6LRQ
    • Mentioned Malcolm N6ZWK silent key about 5 years ago from Ampex Club
  • KC6TYD working in the heat
    • Zodiac via West Marine boating
    • PAARA meeting on the 9th
  • K6QFO, question about CW keyer
  • KA6Q Shri, between meetings and updates on Air Mobile
    • Simulating breaking stations
  • WB6KIO Sunny Daly City already over 70
  • W6NEV
  • K6KOP (tom & jerry) hot in Kensington
  • N6VFH boat yard operations at former Field Day Palo Alto Boat Works
  • WB6JOE San Jose 78, call it 85 degrees
  • K6DLC Redwood City 86
    • Pacificon Registration is open
  • AC6Y Misha, Oakland Hills roughly 78 degrees with hi temp warning

Net Closed 10:48 am[edit]

Field Day 2021 -- 11:00 am to 1:59 pm

June 3rd, 2021[edit]

W6REK-R Echo Link connection

Early Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  • W6LOG Bob in Daly City thoughts on HRO, could be interested in opening back up in Bay Area
  • KE5NWY Richard in Texas, Houston and Dallas short on HAM shops
    • Lakewood yacht club racer and organizer
  • KC6TYD Rob has the day off
  • WB6CLS Kenwood mail order parts shuffle, got a new antenna up on Friday
  • KE6NAN Roger, good morning to all
  • K6DLC HRO correction, was in Burlingame on the tracks
  • K6LRQ Tim in Mountain View, weather looks fantastic
  • KJ6HKD Gil Oakland
  • N6VFH Chuck 65 in San Jose

Regular Check-ins 9:43 am[edit]

  • KR6DD working on the usual projects and pi
    • Farmers market is opening again once a week 5-9p
    • looking forward to flea market and where it could be
  • K6WA Dave, another good gather at the Black Bear Diner
  • KE6NAN Roger, have a nice day
  • N6VFH Chuck 66 now, 68 at end of round
  • KN6KZF Rikke confers BBQ Chicken for the win, wrapping up in Hayward
  • KK6DOL Matthew Scotts Valley working in Bay Area
  • KE5NWY not just little J's, J Class Yachts
  • K6QFO Mike in Campbel Recap on this weeks Black Bear Diner
    • 6m was lit up yesterday, and Hornet on the air this weekend

Net Closed 10:23am[edit]

May 24th, 2021[edit]

Monday Edition fill in for NE6RD

QTH: Noisebridge 2nd Floor HAMbridge

w6REK-R Echo Link

  • W6NEV on the commute from San Leandro, talking about TCAS and airlines
  • KA6W comments on on going use of TCAS

Early Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  1. W6WL Craig at Stanford up from Santa Cruz
  2. KK6CX Chuck in Newark, HF 10m is active, waiting for cycle 25 on the upside
    • expecting 19:00 Zulu things could pick up a bit more
  3. K6WA Dave updates on Wednesday 11:30-15:00 at the Black Bear Diner
  4. K6LRQ Tim in Mountain View
  5. KC6TYD Rob looking to do a jump this weekend
  6. N7TSQ Joe in Sonoma, beautiful sunny day in the Vineyard, wondering about 60 Minutes UFO reports
  7. WB6CLS tuning the 80m antenna and fiddling with connectors
  8. KI6BEN Catching up on Sailing and radio operations
    • Atlantic crossing, Azores halfway between Boston and Portugal?
    • W6BSD is a sailor with a boat
  9. KD6QQJ Patrick in Palo Alto, working on a wood working project
  10. KK6FBD Carl out on a walk enjoying the day
  11. KB6TPS Brian Los Altos Mobile heading to Cupertino, recently drove back from Denver
    • Some sight seeing through Tahoe Donner looks like could be a nice place to move to
  12. N6VFH Chuck thanks for the robo cars
  13. KR6DD Andy checking in from the Tablet on KR6DD-R echo link node running on the HP tower

Net Closed 10:15[edit]

May 20th, 2021[edit]

Setting up in the backyard with IC-706 and Station Master antenna on ladder lean.

Bench Power at 12.7v

  • L S5
  • H S6

Setup check with W6NEV on 580 and 150th Ave to 238, +40-60db in input.

Early Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  1. KE6NAN Roger morning from masonic hall
  2. K6WA Dave, question about noisebridge and background on talk net
  3. W6MNL Steve Sunnyvale, base station, ampex high tech experiments club, spread spectrum
    1. Cupertino mesh, bay network
  4. W6NEV Marty 880 South Bound, marshling at the golf course and got hit in the head with a golf ball
    1. Setting up new setup with C3S Antenna
  5. K6LRQ Tim Mt. View a little breezy and nice
  6. KR6DD, high winds reported by HAM last night
    1. QST Story, medFers"medfers"+radio
    3. Doppler Direction Finder hum in the background when on
  7. KN6KZF Rikke in Berkeley on Echo Link, sunny windy day, enjoying temp control of lab
  8. KI6BEN John from the backyard ham shack in Fremont. Info on amateur radio e-mail
    1. W6FOG Neil, sailor with info on communications
  9. KJ6CW Jim in Novato with the big beams, working loose links between beams and radio
    1. Yesterday estimating 60 MPH wind gusts, antennas were like a rock
  10. KC6TYD Rob
  11. WB6KIO Steve Daly City
  12. AC6MM Brian Fremont, HT connections, SMA connectors vs BNC?
  13. WB6CLS thoughts on connectors, use a ~permanent adapter for switching
  14. N6VFH Chuck, comment on connectors and big ones breaking down goin to little ones
  15. K6WW Steve Fremont

Regular Check-ins 10:18am[edit]

  1. AC6Y Michael, SDR meetup and DMR decoding demo at noisebridge
    1. USB-C Power Delivery triggers, cheap packs, for HT chargers, Jacobs parts
  2. N6VFH Chuck 61 degrees light haze
  3. WB6KIO Steve Daly City, disk cone antenna for Uniden scanner
  4. KR6DD Andy
  5. KI6WPK Bill San Francisco, question on PD chip
  6. KK6ISP
  7. KC6TYD sees C17 out of Moffet Field
  • Round 1: USB PD
  • Round 2: HF mobile

Net Closed 11:11[edit]

May 6th, 2021[edit]

Early Check-ins 9:00[edit]

  • KG6LWE Doug - Loose Wires Everywhere, San Martene @50 Watts with 4 element beam bouncing of Mt Hamilton
  • W6NEV Mobile Marty switching tri-banders, Saturday 10am volunteers welcome, comes with burgers
  • N6VFH Chuck, San Jose with visibility index update
  • KG6HIZ Bert from 10th floor of Channing House
  • KN6KZF Rikke East Bay
  • K6LRQ Tim Mountain View
  • KR6DD on the way to festival market

Regular Check-ins 9:53am[edit]

  • KR6DD Andy on Echo Link at the TJ's parking lot
  • KM6WP Mr. Mike rebuilding the robot
  • N6VFH 64 in San Jose heading towards 70+
  • W6REK Henry Mobile in Cupertino, CW 10m beacon 28.2143 MHz 5/20/80 Watts
  • K6WA Dave with Black Bear Diner updates, Wednesday Lunch-in
  • K3SLE catching a ride with Henry

Net Closed 10:33am[edit]

HRO Oakland, shutting down and "expanding" to Sacramento

April 22nd, 2021[edit]

Early Check 9:01[edit]

  • KE6BQG Darell Hayward
  • KS6GR Kathleen
  • KG6LWE Doug San Jose
  • K6KWR Keith, Orinda
    • Resistor color codes
    • learn to solder and kits
  • KI6SEP Andy
  • N6VFH 54 degrees in San Jose getting sunnier
  • AA6EX Palo Alto
  • KE6NAN Roger, happy belated birthday
  • KR6DD Andy from Santa Barbara
  • K6WA update from Sunnyvale from Black Bear Diner
    • Weekly event is back on Wednesday 11:30-3p
  • W6REK Henry
  • K6LRQ Tim in Mountain View
  • KK6UBJ
  • WB6KIO
  • AF0XX
  • WB6JOE Artemis Moon Lander updates
  • N6QKY Greg in South Fremont, looking for some Kenwood TS-830 info
  • KI6BEN "vintage" Kenwood operator KK6VQK Adrian
  • W6NEV Marty, check in/out

Net Closed 10:[edit]

April 8th, 2021[edit]

Early Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  • K6WA updates logistics for Wednesday Lunch at Black Bear in Sunnyvale again
  • W6MNL 55 in Santa Clara
  • WB6CLS, ride updates 30+ miles
  • KI6DAR Wednesday luncheon updates
  • KS6GR Studying digital signal processing
  • KJ6CW working on rotor automation
  • KE5NWY gorgeous day in Texas
  • K6LRQ Tim in Mountain View, reptile BBQ?
  • N6VFH Chuck 55 in South Bay and Sunny
  • K6QFO have we had enough FT8?
  • KR6DD new FST4(1) modes WSJT-X

Regular Check-ins 9:57am[edit]

  • KR6DD 2m Doppler direction finder
  • KM6WP via KR6DD
  • N6VFH bird watching, 58 degrees
  • K6KWR saying hi from Orinda
  • W6REK Planning 10 weeks of Summer activities
    • ICOM-718 for HAMbridge, G5RV
  • KK6VQK, Oakland
  • AC6Y Michael, solar and batteries
    • More RFI sources, strong pulses coming from Solar Comm Box
  • WB6KIO Steve, Daly City

Net Closed 10:54am[edit]

March 25th, 2021[edit]

Pre-net, Station Master 📶538 5197

Early Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  • WB6CLS Staples and Gardening, walk'n the "puppy"
  • W6REK Henry strolling in the Rose Garden
  • K6LRQ Tim
    • Kevin, best wishes to family
    • Venice is 1600 years old
  • KJ6CW Jim Novato, working on the beams
    • Excellent job on net controller yesterday
  • K6DLC 46 in Redwood City, "Gusty" at 2 MPH from the West
  • N6VFH Chuck San Jose, KK6UBJ David in Rx only mode
  • KE5NWY Sunny Kerrville TX
    • Weather has greatly improved, Spring is in the air
    • Question about 85 MPH speed limits
    • KR6DD comment on autobahn
  • WB6KIO Steve, Daly City, Sunny and Coming up on 60 degrees
  • AF0XX Frank & KK6NGA Karen
  • KN6DFM Mike Fremont
  • KG6HIZ Bert, 10th Floor of Channing House,
  • KD6QQJ Patrick, Palo Alto

Regular Check-ins 9:45[edit]

  • KR6DD Andy HT, catching up on QST mail
    • LiTZ, long zero, back country wilderness protocol
      • 146.52 MHz; secondarily or alternatively 52.525, 223.5, 446.0 and 1294.5 MHz respectively.
    • Oakland emergency test
  • KA6Q (short), monitor for minutes at the top of the hour for wilderness emergencies
  • K6QFO (short) "Noisey Kid" Mike Placerville Hills, burning smoke signal
  • AC6Y Comment about smoke signals, QUP2 black smoke trail position indiciation
    • QEF have I reached my parking area
    • Participated in Tsunami emergency Oakland HAM/GMRS drill
  • KN6DFM Mike, Quad Band Antenna, using without tuning?
    • KR6DD on threading the needle to make a SWR meterm monimatch
  • N0SV
  • KA0BSA visiting from Colorado
  • KI6BEN
  • AG6QR, check-in/check-out
  • K6DLC Redwood City is quiet
  • AF0XX

Net Closed 10:54am[edit]

March 11th, 2021[edit]

  • Radio: HF/VHF Transceiver IC-706
  • Antenna: Dual Band VHF/UHF whip
  • Power: DC Power Supply HY3005F-3 "Dr.Meter"
    • Idle: 18 Watts (1.50A@12.0V)
    • Tx (High): 34 Watts (2.83A@12.1V)
  • Log: Laptop on Battery with WiFi
  • Noise Floor: S3-4
  • Receive: S9+20
  • QTH: Ashland, CA

Early Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  1. K6QFO Mike "Noisey Kid", Campbell at 2 watts
    • Alinco DM-330MVT Power Supplies
    • KR6DD S2 from Campbell on Palm Tree antenna
  2. WB6CLS, double extended zep @65 Watts, works ok on 146.52 MHz
    • Skipping the ride in the rain today, maybe tomorrow
  3. KI6WPK Bill in SF, question on All Star (config tone?)
  4. KC6TYD Rob
  5. K6LRQ, RFinder?
    • Vaccine at Levi, probably not a drive thru
  6. K6FMR Rich
  7. N6VFH 48 in the South Bay

Regular Check-ins 9:35am[edit]

  1. KR6DD Andy
    • gforth'n and dialing in the tree antennas
    • Goertzel algorithm
  2. K6WA, broken reception, wishes a good day to the net
  3. WW6HAM David (Short)
  4. N6VFH still 48
  5. KC6TYD, Sunnyvale Safeway shopping center, 15 Tesla chargers
  6. AG6Q Ralph
  7. AG6NN Daniel, comment on chargers
  8. NE6NAN Roger, bugged blankets and plant
  9. NX6S Dale, has a Leaf & Tesla
  10. AG6XQ Leo (Check-in)
  11. K6LRQ, 1963 Chrysler Turbine
  12. KN6MDW Mitch "The Hog", on 3rd Tesla (Y)
  13. K5PIX Signal check
  14. AC6Y Michael, electric car experiences, Fiat 500e, Hyundai and Tesla's
  15. N6UOB Byron in Campbell, CNG yet another option for vehicles
  16. N6JPR comment on trains, diesel electric generators
  17. AF0XX Frank, comment on WINS which uses All Star
  18. W6REK Henry
  19. KI6WPK Bill, getting beep-boop on local node
  20. KI6BEN John, backyard ham shack
  21. KK6ISP

Net Closed 11:27am[edit]

February 25th, 2021[edit]

Early Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  1. KG6VKC
  2. KJ6CW Jim in Novato getting the big antenna up, 25' so far
  3. K6LRQ Tim Mt. View, question about adding 9am twitter account
  4. KR6DD Andy, J-Pole up in a palm tree
  5. AG6XQ Leo, San Lorenzo, 10 Watt J-Pole S8
  6. AF0XX Frank, direct with Leo
  7. AG6HIZ
  8. AF6IM Mark
  9. K6KWR Keith Mobile
  10. W6NEV Looking for stand-off's, Excess Solutions?
  11. W6DFD Fred
  12. N6VFH 59 degrees in South Bay
  13. WB6JOE 62 degrees in the shade

Regular Check-ins 9:44am[edit]

  1. KR6DD
  2. WB6JOE on the way to VA
  3. N6VFH up to 63 degrees
  4. WB6CLS Andy, Fry's just closed, San Mateo Electronics still going
  5. KI6BEN Backyard Shack in Fremont

Late Check-ins 10:13am[edit]

  1. K6QFO Mike, Placerville, no more Orchard, 144.4 MHz Sideband
  2. W6REK Henry, jump'n in after Zurich
  3. KF6VNT Mobile

Net Closed 10:26am[edit]

J-Poles for the win, hardware/electronics stores around the bay.

February 11th, 2021[edit]

IC-706 with slanted roof whip.

Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  1. KG6VKC working with FT8
  2. K6LRQ Tim, corn bread recipe on request
  3. KR6DD Doppler tests with threaded rods
  4. KN6DFM Mike
  5. K6EIR Brad
  6. KM6RUZ Manny South San Jose
  7. W6WO /mobile
  8. AC6MM Brian
  9. N6VFH
  10. WA6FHC Kevin
    1. 50MHz & Up
    2. San Bernadino Microwave Society
  11. AF0XX
  12. NE6NAN
  13. KE5NWY 80F to snow in Texas
  14. KN6KZF

Net Closed 9:55am[edit]

Off to the auctions.

January 28th, 2021[edit]

Sirens 8:54am

Check-ins 9:00am[edit]

  1. WB6CLS usually looking at 80M, really 75M voice
  2. KN6CWJ Charles, East Bay, working with Fire Department to get 3D imaging (LIDAR)
  3. K6LRQ Tim, Mountain View
  4. N6DB Rebar, Redwood City,
  5. KK6YRB Tucker, Oakland, High School senior, interested in wind energy production, studying PLL. Supply, demand, prices, emissions for California on 5 min intervals.
  6. KC6TYD Rob, looking forward to next jump, South Bay Amateur Radio
  7. KN6YWN Road info available at 800-427-ROAD
  8. N6VFH Chuck, 55F, down to 51F in San Jose, KK6UBJ still listen only, info on PL additions to older radios.
  9. W6NEV Marty, Sunnyvale, carpets and such, 2 dogs
  10. KR6DD Andy, Mountain View 48.2F and light rain
  11. AF0XX Frank, 56F Hayward, back from Quartz Pause, new 3 panel, 2 battery car solar
  12. KE5NWY 49F Kerville TX
  13. K6QFO Mike, Noisy Kid, Placerville about to get in the snow, old school 24 hour 8am rain report, question about Icom rebate info
  14. KN6GSG Icom rebate info, there's a 3rd party website for that
  15. KN6MDW Mitch Tiburon, questions about tent cities popping up, like new one in Sausilito
    • K6QFO tough situation for folks, a lot more unemployment. More RV's showing up now, and Campbell tolerating
    • KN6CWJ complex situation, dependencies, and mental illness
    • K6LRQ sent money to specifically support local RV dweller support, average $3,200 month
  16. KG6UOF Kah San Jose goin to work
  17. K6CBR Brian mobile Mt View mobile to Palo Alto
  18. KG6WOX Peter Fremont, Raining and Cold, JS8 derivative of FT8, 20-80m, mostly West Coast, some East Coast at 15 Watt, and Australia via relay
    • N6VFH comment on relay and field day with K7ILA
  19. KJ6GVC Ken, 101 South to San Jose, road incident in progress, 3 inches of rain yesterday Morgan Hill, 40/100gig data center router

Net Closed 11:21am[edit]

Exploring C.A.R.L.A.

System 5
IRLP      K6LNK    3994
EchoLink  K6LNK-R  360571

snow conditions route 80.

PL hardware.

Solar/car battery, deep cycle vs regular, maybe marine.

Outdoor wifi cameras, good signal is important, also talking about privacy concerns and good practice.

January 14th, 2021[edit]

Early Check-ins 9am[edit]

  1. KJ6AMM
  2. KE6NAN Roger
  3. KJ6CW Jim taking the net tomorrow, watching the concrete still dry
  4. AC6MM Brian, Fremont JS8Call
  5. KR6DD Andy, FT8 Question
  6. KG6WOX Peter, more info and clarifications
  7. KM6PUP Johnny, El Ceritto
  8. KD6QQJ Patrick, Palo Alto waiting on Fiber tomorrow, insight into NOAA-19 and other incident with Plutonium Batteries
  9. N6VFH Chuck
  10. W9FFL Berry, South San Jose, rocket test launches
  11. N7TSQ Joe, Sonoma 53 degrees and fog clearing, going from DSL to Cable
  12. WB6JOE follow up comment on modems
  13. KG6VKC
  14. K6LRQ Tim, Mountain View

Regular Check-ins 9:55am[edit]

  1. KM6WP Mr. Mike talking robots, table, maze, arm etc challenges
  2. KE6NAN Roger (on the phone)
  3. W5EGL L(y)nda (busy with meat balls)
  4. WB6JOE Joe (monitoring)
  5. N6VFH Chuck 61 degrees
  6. WB6CLS out and back for the dog walk'n
  7. KC6TYD Rob, yay off for the week (round 1 only)
  8. KI6PUO Elise, working on getting into electrician
  9. KJ6CW Jim, Black Point Novato, talk'n rockets
  10. KN6GSG Barry, Moss Beach, throw back to wire wrapping
  11. KK6ISP Clark has hand wired a bus plane for a computer
  12. K6WA Dave recapping on all the different ways to make circuits

Net Closed 10:53am[edit]

JS8Call, NOAA-19 Satellite mishap, blue origin rocket test,, fiber and cable modems. Rob taking next Thursday from Quartz Pause. KJ6CW Jim will be taking the net for Friday.

January 7th, 2021[edit]

Early Check-ins 9am[edit]

  1. KN6KZF Rikke quick welcome to 2021
  2. WB6CLS
  3. KE6NAN
  4. K6LRQ Tim in Mt View
  5. KN6MDW Mitch check in on the birds
  6. KC6TYD Rob, Parachute Mobile 38, PAARA Monthly tomorrow (D.B. Cooper)
  7. KJ6CW Jim, poured concrete footing for tower 26' going to 60'
  8. N6VFH San Jose 47, Al Lasher's Goodbye Video
  9. K6KWR Keith
  10. KR6DD Andy, bought first transmitter at Al's
    • 9:35 Intentional interference QRM, unidentified transmitter

Regular Check-ins 9:47[edit]

  1. KR6DD Andy, show'n tell PAARA Friday
  2. K6WA Dave
  3. KE6NAN Roger
  4. N6VFH Chuck
  5. W9FFL Berry
  6. KD6QQJ Patrick, loud and clear
  7. K6QFO Mike
  8. AC6Y Michael

Net Closed 10:26[edit]

Finishing off the first week of 2021.

December 31st, 2020[edit]

Early Check-ins 9am[edit]

  1. KE6NAN Roger
  2. KN6KZF Rikke
  3. K6KWR Keith Favorite NYE celebration, ie Disney
  4. WO6N Bill, Mt View, 240v garage power run; low freqeuncy, and earthquake sensing with enormous coils, BART 1/2Hz, turn style antenna for amatuer satellites, 240v is for old 6-axis mill, also low noise pre-amps
  5. W6REK Henry, QRSS on 40m, slowwww morse code, G0FTD
    • and why, interesting what you can do at 1 watt, +2300 meter band
    • New Years day, straight key night 0 hours UTC, late this afternoon
    • KK6ISP Comment, what about ID requirement if it takes up to 20 min
  6. KA6Q Comment on ID with same mode, sometimes can take hours for just ID
    • esoteric ways of transmitting, fewest parts, start with a dremmel 1.7KHz
    • 8.97KHz 600 Watts over 10km distance using "Earth Mode"
  7. K6QFO Mike, city of Campbell, got some radio upgrades this year
  8. K6LRQ Tim, Mt View
  9. WB6CLS Off to walk the dogs
  10. KE5NWY Richard in Texas, very low frequency communications for submarines
    • Michigan communications setup broadcast and Rx only to sub, ULF, ELF
  11. W6NIR Rick, bicycle mobile, Russian 82Hz sub system, 8Hz Schumann resonance
    • Shri references 2.70Hz contact has been made
  12. N6VFH 53 degrees in San Joseville kk6ubj
  13. KK6ISP bicycle mobile, working on CPM machine, getting CF card going
  14. K7ILA Pink short
  15. KN6MDW Mitch in Tiburon
  16. AC6Y 240Hz and down to 60Hz from neighboor
    • Shri jump in with comments about turn on and off breakers/oven for pulses
  17. WB6AAJ Kelly in San Jose with a few comments (5); mask, distance, hands
    • K6DLC - Direct
  18. AC6MM Brian in Fremont
  19. KN6MDF?

Regular Check-in s 10:17am[edit]

  1. K6WA Dave, broadcast/transmit, thinking about 2022, & NYE resolutions, also goes alabama, just went down 101 with 2 new toll lanes
  2. AC6Y still here
  3. KK6ISP out in Redwood Shores
  4. AF0XX late breakfest
  5. KE5NWY lunch time, notre dame and alabama
  6. W6REK money is on alabama, now leaning towards notre dame too 7.039.800 -20Hz
  7. WO6N softy for notre dame, Rudy, comment on 2 wire for serial
  8. KA6Q
  9. WB6AAJ
  10. N7TSQ long time listener and check-in
  11. KR6DD Andy, busy talking to Lebanon, still working on serial RTS for echo link
  12. KI6SEP Andy, in Kansas and partner KI6SER (kisser)
  13. AF6IM Mike

Net Closed 11:16am[edit]

Next Thursday K6EAU will be back, in the meantime exploring APRS, ADS-B & Echo Link.

Last net of the year, and thoughts on NYE. Lots of talk about how low can you go and soft jamming in the lowwwww frequencies.

Happy New Year and on to the next in 2021. Andy(s) in the end wrapping up with serial interfacing connections to echo link.

December 17th, 2020[edit]

Early Check-in 09:00[edit]

  1. KN6GSG Berry Moss Beach on J-Pole
  2. WB6CLS Andy, tap tank HF tuning
  3. K6LRQ Tim Mt. View

09:11 Hello from Catalina X-Linked Net

  1. KJ7RNB Steve visiting from Las Vegas
  2. KM6RUZ Manny South San Jose
  3. AC6MM Brian in Fremont
  4. K6DLC Daniel Foothill Park
  5. KA6Q Sri, on a J-Pole too
  6. KR6DD Andy
  7. N6VFH 54 San Jose
  8. W6TMM Keegan roll up J-Pole
  9. KE6NAN Roger
  10. KB6OWG
  11. KC6TYD Rob, Slim Jim, Mission #38, Jan 7th (out), Pause
  12. KI6BEN
  13. KM6AZX Brandon J-Pole from KB9VBR
  14. AA1FD 1st coffee in 2 months
  15. AF0XX (later)

Regular Check-in 10:14[edit]

  1. KR6DD Andy, soldering up the pi, recent Anchor visit
  2. K6WA Dave, Alwyn Cashe medal of honor recipient
  3. N6VFH up to 56 degrees
  4. KE6NAN
  5. KI6BEN
  6. KC6TYD Quartzfest Pause Jan 17th-23rd, ATV
  7. K6QFO Mike, reminiscing on Black Bear Diner
  8. WB6CLS Double extend zep and home brewed J-Pole

Net Closed 11:04[edit]


December 3rd, 2020[edit]

pre-net Mic check, SM-8 borrowed from IC-706 and connected to ID-5100a sounding good, thanks KA6Q for level check.

Early Check-in 09:00[edit]

  1. K6DLC Kristen on HAM Nation last night, 40m open Boise to LA
  2. KN6MDW Santa Ana fires, RTL-SDR, SDRuno
  3. KE6NAN Roger, supervisors confined everyone to their room
  4. KC6TYD Rob, PAARA meeting Friday
  5. KC6TVP Mountain View
  6. W6BSD yup, BSD fan
  7. KM6RUZ Manny, Arecibo chat and 20m, HW101 Heathkit
  8. WB6CLS Andy, 31 mile ride, 54 degrees
  9. AA1FD Will, slept thru a wedding
  10. KB6DA Rob, Blind Amateur Radio Operator, Kenwood D74, GD-77
  11. N6VFH 56 degrees and sunny
  12. K6WA large number visualizations, millions/trillions

Regular Check-in 10:01[edit]

  1. KR6DD Andy raspberry pi & Doppler project
  2. K6WA Dave
  3. KE6NAN (monitoring)
  4. N6VFH Chuck (nothing heard)
  5. KK6ISP (quick)
  6. KG6LWE Doug (late early)
  7. W6ROD (direct contact K6WA)
  8. KI6BEN
  9. K6DLC (direct contact KI6BIN)

Net Closed 10:51[edit]

Zoom PAARA meeting tomorrow

HAM Nation 482 Kristen K6WX

Encryption with transmissions, PACTOR 4

No music, CW can be melodic, NBC chime in ID (N6VFH comment)

Audio editing, Audacity for the win, Switch allows more import

November 19th, 2020[edit]

Early Check-in 09:00[edit]

  1. AF0XX Frank Hayward
  2. KN6MDW Mitch Tiburon iBird App
  3. KE5NWY Richard Texas
  4. WB6CLS
  5. N6VFH Chuck San Jose 52 degrees
  6. K6KWR Keith
  7. N7TSQ /HT Joe Sonoma 7 Watts J-Pole

Regular Check-in 09:30[edit]

  1. KR6DD
  2. N6VFH
  3. KJ6CW
  4. KE5NWY
  5. KN6MDW
  6. K6KWR
  7. W6SAW /HT Herb San Carlos
  8. KA6Q
  9. NT6G
  10. K7ILA Pink
  11. KD6QQJ Patrick
  12. W6REK Henry
  13. KI6BEN
  14. KC6TYD
  15. KN6KZF

Net Closed 11:33[edit]

Birds, Echo Link, Vanity, Thanksgiving, Halt & Catch Fire

November 5th, 2020[edit]

Early Check-in 09:00[edit]

  1. KN6LCI Scott Campbell Mobile (Rubber Ducky & Mag Mounts)
  2. KR6DD Andy
  3. KM6ORH Larry
  4. KB6DA Rob Sunnyvale setting up new clear node
  5. KC6TYD Rob Parachute Mobile Talk tonight
  6. K6DLC HAM License plates (Lodi newsletter)
  7. AF0XX Frank
  8. KN6KZF Check-in only
  9. KJ6CW Alt Net Control for Friday Nov. 6th
  10. WB6AAJ Kelly
  11. WB6CLS
  12. KE6NAN Roger
  13. K6KBH

Regular Check-in 09:50[edit]

  1. KR6DD Rfinder B1 phone/radio
  2. W6REK Henry new Siglent scope
  3. AF0XX
  4. N6SPP Beacons & Things


Net Closed 10:34[edit]

15 Check-ins

October 22nd, 2020[edit]

Early Check-in 09:00[edit]

  1. KJ6JUK calling K6WA
  2. W6NEV Marty announcement Nov. 6 PAARA Sat Com talk
  3. KJ6UW Jim Novato
  4. KE6NAN Roger
  5. WB6CLS Andy
  6. WB6AAJ Kelly 7100
  7. KJ6CW Jim Raptor
  8. K6KWR Keith La Marinda Club Quartzfest Preso
  9. W6REK Henry THOR4 and Feld Hell
  10. N6SPP Eric near Half Moon Bay, Thursday Net 18:00 7.089 FM105
  11. KN6LCI Scott prepping to camp
  12. WB6KIO
  13. W6TMM Keegan San Leandro
  14. AC6MM Brian Fremont
  15. KC6TYD Rob more on Quartzfest Pause

Regular Check-in 10:00[edit]

  1. KE6NAN
  2. K6VFH Chuck
  3. KJ6CW Jim
  4. N7TSQ Joe Sonoma
  5. AA1FD Will
  6. WB6AAJ Kelly San Jose 7100 comment
  7. K6DLC Coffee and FT8 Asia around 7am Pacific Time
  8. AC6Y Michael Oakland Hills Orca Net Thurs 19:30 WB6NDJ after 147.585 (Simplex) 146.565 (Alt)
  9. KE6BQG Darryl Hayward General Class
  10. W6REK Henry comments on 7100
  11. K7ILA Pink
  12. K6ISP Clark Quick
  13. KE6NAN Roger toying with buying a radio FT-991a

Net Closed 11:16[edit]

October 8th, 2020[edit]

Early Check-in 09:00[edit]

  1. W6TMM Keegan, San Leandro working on Larson NMO mount and drilling a whole in the car roof.
  2. KC6TYD Rob, Regular Thursday (Alternating) Net Control
  3. N6VFH Chuck, 60 degrees in South Bay Overcast
  4. AC6MM Brian, Fremont also interested in FT8 and Parks On The Air

Regular Check-in 09:33[edit]

  1. KR6DD Andy, old amateur satellites, Oscar 6 and direction finding project
  2. W6NEV Marty, Mobile Short
  3. KA6Q Shri, Short
  4. KN6SLS Shawn, Mobile San Jose, 1st time

Net Closed 10:17[edit]

8 check-ins with a guest CW W6REK repeater ident "Da Dee Da" 'K'.