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Organizer Notes[edit]

For those who help organize 5moF, here are the steps we need to follow every month to party on:

  • Volunteer coordination
    • 5moF needs more volunteers! Would you like to help organize/setup/invite speakers?
  • Speaker soliciting
    • If we want excellent talks we can send a Five Minutes of Fame Speaker Invitation to the people who have interesting things to talk about.
    • Speaker nominating
      • Add names of speakers and possible topics that would rock the mic / share something that not enough people know about here...
      • Patrick - do a live crypto challenge in 5 minutes?
  • Speaker scheduling
    • Use the 5moF Trello Board to track the speaker's queue. (Ask to join the Noisebridge trello team)
    • Respond to 5moF talk submission emails as they come in and add them to the speaker's queue
    • Select ~10 speakers at top of queue / who fit with the theme / with timely announcement talks or limited availability
    • Invite speakers to their upcoming talk opportunity and inform 1-2 others that they are next and to be there to fill in for MIAs
    • Put invitees back into the queue if they don't confirm and invite the next-ups to confirm the slots
  • Week of event checklist:
    • The Monday prior, speakers will be reminded of commitment.
    • The night before 5mof another mail will ask for any slides or special setup speakers might need.
  • Day of event checklist:
    • Open bottom gate
    • Mute Pegasus
    • Get mixer + mics working
    • Projector test
    • Light up podium
    • Parcans/house lighting
    • Chairs (all of them) (Q: Is there still a cache of chairs in basement?)
    • Pack of beer / pizza for help team
    • Extricate J from the elevator
    • Headcount to make sure no one was left in the basement