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In March 2006, the ARRL requested to drop the automatic power control requirement on amateur spread spectrum above 1 watt, as it impractical and deters experimentation (granted in 2010). Shortly thereafter, the HSMM working group fell apart due to dissatisfaction and friction with their recommendations to the ARRL board of directors.

This appears to suggest something different may be in operation regarding the anything over 1Watt rule but I need to check further to know for sure. --MMapper 19:54, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

Power restrictions[edit]

Just reading about this on wikipedia ( and they referenced part 97.311... Seems that the 100w/automatic power control requirement is only applicable to radios operating spread spectrum (802.11b, but not a or g). Appears that standard 1500w applies for a & g. Any thoughts on this?

ID Requirements[edit]

This needs to be addressed - How does one legally ID?


This also needs to be addressed - one may not intentionally obscure the meaning of the transmission using encryption but WPA and WEP arguably do so while being useful for preventing access from non-part 97 users.