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I’m a newbie in computers. Basically what I have a reconditioned Lenovo T61. It was from Goodwill and didn’t include a Window a start-up program. I know, I went there but was nothing in terms a Window a start-up program there. Lenovo is now slow. Why? I recently downloaded free programs. I deleted them but, I think, there’s maybe junk files in the registry. I don’t know-I’m a newbie. Maybe the battery is running down? Maybe. I should trash the Lenovo T61? I dunno. I used Disk Cleanup and CCleaner and adwcleaner and sometimes the Refresh Firefox to return my computer to the original. But it doesn’t work now. And then I can’t use Firefox when websites have ad videos, just Chrome. I downloaded videos at 50KB/sec to 100-300KB/sec on Now it’s mostly 10 25KB/sec and it’s stopped on and off. What I need is a basic laptop computer to download videos from YouTube or Vimeo and also free MOOC and read 3quarks or Aeon, If you think a simple adjustment to my computer is ok I’m ready to come to 2169 Mission at your convenience. If you think that Lenovo is old, is a responsible person there to buy a newer laptop computer? Thanx