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Future unrelated TODOs[edit]

Fix the plywood material list to include indoors versus outdoors grade. Outdoor grade has a problem. How do people easily buy the right one?

Maybe we need some more guidance on how to change power and speed. Maybe a reasonable amount that you can change the speed and power.

Follow up[edit]

All - Finish and publish the "new training" section in a "Laser Training" wiki page: Darryl - Make the standard training .rld file and publish as gist / link on wiki (from new laser training)


  1. Remove most non-safety training material from the training plan.
  2. Trim the training to the minimum amount that people can learn to safely use the laser.
  3. Reduce the amount of 'computer use' during the training.
    1. Training should no longer include 'creating your .rld file'

Open Questions[edit]

1. Can we totally remove the workflow from the training and still discuss each safety step? - No!

How do we train right now?[edit]

Darryl: I go through the main workflow in the laser manual: Ruth: I use the training that I posted on the slack channel:

How long does training take right now?[edit]

  • Darryl - 30 minutes per person not including safety
  • Ruth - 90 minutes for a class of 5

What factors impact training speed?[edit]

  • If people are computer savvy, it is much faster.
  • If people are not computer savvy, it is much slower.
  • Power users are fast.

Fire incidents[edit]

We have evidence that fires can happen!

  • Ruth has set one fire with the 20mm pine (after the power limit increase from 55 to 100)
  • Darryl has set no fires and heard of no fires
  • Trent has set no fires and heard of no fires