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  Consensus proposal with modifications[edit]

  1. The board officers of Noisebridge may enter into loan agreements, building purchase negotiations, and lease negotiations in the interest of acquiring a suitable building to be our permanent home. This authorization lasts until a permanent home has been secured, or until Noisebridge has either renewed the 2169 Mission St lease or signed a new lease.
  2. The Board Officers shall keep a log of non-sensitive information stemming from the authorizations above to be published as a “note” on the #the-board, a Noisebridge wiki page, and the Noisebridge discuss mailing list, at a minimum interval of every 2 weeks.
  3. In the event that a purchase or lease decision is required in under two weeks, a special meeting may be called with at minimum 24 hours notice to form a special consensus on the lease or purchase decision. The meeting will occur at Noisebridge and provide a mechanism (e.g. Google Hangout) for remote participation. A link will be provided to remote in the 3 channels described above.

Edit requests[edit]

  • Could the section at the bottom of the page labelled "Accessability" be renamed "Accessibility" (I know, it does not have 'ability' in it, but is the correct spelling) or "ADA compliance"? And an unnecessary redirect could be avoided by linking directly to Noisebridge Space Program/Accessibility. Thanks, Arlo James Barnes (talk) 00:08, 22 March 2018 (UTC)