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using the plotter:

hardware connection is between the db25 to db9 pin cable (labelled 'noisebridge plotter cable') and the null modem adapter.

supply your own usb to serial cable. Connect to the computer/modem db25pin port on the plotter.

save paths from inkscape to hpgl format, cut and paste the hpgl into a terminal session with the plotter (9600, 8N1)

Carousel setup[edit]

plotter carousel pencap retracted plotter carousel pencapped

Ideas for use[edit]

print things with it[edit]

print things like things like the periodic table of elements, pinouts for chips, manifestos, big schematics.

the plotter has a easily replacable ink supply[edit]

as long as we have bic pens, the plotter won't run out of ink. have to work out a bic pen holder (on Nutjob)

the plotter has space for 8 implements[edit]

if we work out HPGL color instructions (and implement choosers), we can use red,black,blue etc....

the plotter could cut things[edit]

if we put a blade in, the thing could cut vinyl? see how this is done by others.

the plotter can resize[edit]

again, this is about using hpgl to our advantage. autosizing posters to fillup the space of any paper in the plotter.

New export function in Inkscape nightly[edit]

Hello all, I don't know how active this project is, but take a look at the new inkscape nightly. They have a much better HPGL support. The horizontal flip for example is taken care of, and now you also have much more interesting settings. Output quality also looks much better.