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Owen - I'm thinking about rewriting your Poetry & Science page to be not in 1st person and to have some other thoughts about poetry & language. We could also list some speculative fiction poetry journals & collections. Are you also a poet and is this your shy way of preparing to put up your own poetry about science and technology? I'm curious!--Lizzard 01:26, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

Hi Lizzard,

I'm glad you added a poetry link to the page. Much appreciated. I do want a dialogue, and I guess this is part of the dialogue. Being a dialogue, it is a collaborative effort, and I do want people to add poetry links. However, I'd rather have people put comments about poems (traditional, theirs, etc.) than merely have a large number of links. I'd like to put up some of my own poems eventually, and I'd like to see other NB members put up theirs. Right now I'm begining with a more traditional framework and beginning tutorial of sorts(see below).

The nice thing about poetry is that I can type a whole poem followed by comments; it fits reasonably well on a page. As for large works of fiction, I can't put even a chapter of a novel on this wiki without probable copyright violations. The same applies with multiple poems from a chapbook. Individual poems are probably ok. I do like novels, but the size and slow speed of reading are limiting factors for what I have in mind. I'd be glad to see links to journals.

I welcome your added thoughts to the main page. I'd rather not rewrite what I have just written quite yet: I'd like to get some momentum with a few more poems and close readings and then return when I get some additional feedback from others. I see this as a joint, collaborative effort and also as a tutorial to assist people who have little or no exposure to poetry (which may be much of NB). Could be wrong though.Owen 05:23, 26 September 2010 (UTC)