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From the etherpad comments:

nthmost:14:50 agreeing completely

nthmost:14:51 (does my name show up now?)

nthmost:14:51 (ok good)

crw:14:51 gonna get serious about rfid tagging the movable infrastructure? or do the lockers solve that problem?

daravinne:14:51 we can do both

nthmost:14:51 RFID tagging equipment is a "nice to have" AFAIC

daravinne:14:52 yeah

crw:14:52 nod

daravinne:14:55 btw we are in mid june

daravinne:14:55 early june is passed

nthmost:14:55 oops, July i meant

crw:14:58 have tentative on-site w/ cable vendors scheduled for monday. waiting confirmation.

nthmost:14:59 oh! awesome

crw:14:59 once i get confirmation i'll email rack to let folks know so they can show up to give input if interested

crw:15:23 it would be an epic prank to post detour signs all the from NB, down through BART and all the way to sudoroom.

crw:15:24 all the way*

nthmost:16:00 now THAT is a fun idea

nthmost:20:21 the interim access policy?

nthmost:20:21 or the long-term one?

crw:20:22 good question

nthmost:20:22 i'd say interim

nthmost:20:22 long-term is something we should all meditate on as we fix up the space.

crw:20:22 yeah for late june, then by mid-july have the long-term one figured out

nthmost:08:20 Adding VOLUNTEERS to the bottom of this sheet

unnamed:17:51 does tearing out the DJ booth mean something will be done with the junk space underneath it as well?

unnamed:17:52 Where is the "valuable equipment" going to be store once removed in early July?