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for the record, two = one and one = none. there should be two fire extinguishers at every location where there is currently only one. you're not supposed to fight a fire with only one extinguisher.

Gba 23:25, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

a thought, should we have some system akin to how TechShop handles letting people use certain types of tools (i.e. in our case chemistry, perhaps the darkroom, perhaps soldering tools) of only after they have taken a course on Safety and Basic Usage (which in TechShop's case is usually 1hr long)? --Shannonclark 23:42, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

meeting notes 20081016[edit]

immediate safety concerns
  • outside
    1. 2nd exit wanted, perhaps out a window
    2. the window above the front door needs a grate/screen
    3. the screens on the remaining windows need safety screws
    4. some type of security is needed for the meter rooms
    5. emergency contact information should be placed on the front door
    6. the front door needs to be replace or reinforced
    7. the blown spot light above the door needs to be replaced
  • inside
    1. all indoor shelves need to be secured to the walls ASAP
    2. do we need sprinklers indoors?
    3. label all emergency power off's (EPO's, breaker panels)
    4. an offsite alarm would be nice
    5. smoke detector batteries need to be replaced on a schedule
    6. smoke detectors need to be tested on a schedule
    7. a mat needs to be placed at the bottom of the stairs
    8. tripping hazards (lose wires) need to be addressed
    9. sitting on the ledge upstairs is to be avoided
    10. a second fire extinguisher is needed upstairs
    11. the boiler needs to be secured to the wall
    12. there are exposed electrical wires in the restroom
    13. a first aid sign is needed above the first aid kit
    14. cleaning supplies need to be stored safely in the kitchen
    15. power strip in the shop should be elevated, not flat, on the table
    16. shelves in shop need additional support
    17. tables in workshop should be secured to wall
    18. heat is a concern in the network closet
    19. a fire extinguisher is needed in the workshop
    20. a fire extinguisher is needed in the kitchen
    21. purchase 3 new extinuishers
to discuss at next meeting
  1. security for party (see Talk:Halloween Open House)

gba 17:32, 20 October 2008 (PDT)