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robbintt says:

I hear that you feel censored. This event page is being run by a group of people who are focused on a certain perspective on the world. I believe you aren't in that group of people and it seems like you don't share that perspective.

If you want to run your own event, please seek out an appropriate venue and method, please don't try to create or sustain a political argument by editing an event page.

Yuotong100 says:

Another high-risk community[edit source]

(putting PROPER edit here until User:Robbintt and/or Special:Contributions/ further censor it)

Ironically enough, there is another less obvious high-risk community justly concerned about security in the wake of the election results, and just as keenly interested as others in this important Digital Security 101 Workshop:

  • The few of we local, more silent and discrete voters who switched our allegiances all the way from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump following this June's Primary Election, and who are very much concerned with the realistic scenario that behind-the-scenes we will 1) get ferreted-out, positively identified, and isolated, 2) be unwillingly thrust into numerically disadvantaged, highly accusatory, unhealthy debate, and ultimately, 3) become targeted for various forms of obvious and much more subtle retaliatory actions clearly directed against us (e.g., mob reaction, blacklisting, harassment.)