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People at Noisebride who like victuals gather from time to time to collaborate in the Kitchen. This wiki page describes the second incarnation of Tastebridge.

Tastebridge 2.0 is a special protocol for collaboration with the following objectives:

  • make victuals to share with all present
  • knowlege transfer through collaboration and communication
  • spread a culture of kitchen excellence
  • contribute to the Noisebridge experience

Victual Projects[edit]

new recipe developmentl 1st & 3rd Friday afternoons; vegan yogurt like puddings, vegan kefir like beverages, vegan protean sausage


Anytime two or more people form an informal association for a food hacking project and declare it a Tastebridge 2.0 project. All Tastebridge 2.0 projects are group projects.


Private projects using the kitchen and projects not preparing victuals should avoid saying the project is a Tastebridge 2.0 project.

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